International Students

Frequently Asked Questions from International Students

What qualifies as an acceptable medical record?

A medical record should include your name (in the Latin alphabet), plus the type, date and outcome of each vaccine/titer administered. There is no set format for these records, but it should be clear that they were prepared by a licensed medical provider.

We accept the following file types: PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF. Normally, photos taken on a phone in one of these formats are fine, as long as all information indicated above can be seen clearly in your photos.

If you'd like a template for your doctor or provider to fill out, you can use this Immunization Form. Please note that once you upload the completed form, you will still need to enter the dates of each of your immunizations on the Medical Clearances page on eTang. 

What if my records are in a language other than English?

Ask your medical provider to prepare a copy of your vaccine/titer records in English (or contact a medical translation service). If we cannot interpret your records, you may be required to re-complete certain vaccines/titers.

If your medical provider is unable to assist, look into community resources for translation services.

What if the vaccine/titer is not available in my country?

You should still complete all other vaccines and/or testing, and submit your documents by the formal deadline.

You may schedule an appointment to receive the outstanding vaccine(s) or titer(s) at UHS once you are eligible for services. Schedule your appointment promptly to avoid an enrollment hold for non-compliance.

Cost of UHS services varies if you do/don't have SHIP insurance (sample fees with/without SHIP).

If you are in the Berkeley area but do not have a medical provider, look into community resources for TB testing and immunizations.

While we understand there may be barriers to completing all of the requirements by the deadline, please continue to submit the documents that you can. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us.

Please note, if you will have the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) once you arrive on campus, your immunization costs will be covered by SHIP at the Tang Center.

If you need assistance with the compliance process, please contact us.