Finding your records

In order to satisfy the Immunization & TB Clearance requirements, you will need to secure medical documentation that verifies your vaccine/titer history.

If you don't have your records readily available, this may require some resourcefulness on your part. Strategies to try: 

  • Contact parents or other family. Several of the required immunizations may have been administered when you were young, and it's not uncommon for parents and family members to store copies of these in the event they are needed one day.

  • Contact your pediatrician or medical provider. Many providers keep a record of immunizations given even if you did not receive the immunization at their office. In some cases, these records may be downloadable from your provider's patient portal; in other cases, you may need to submit a formal request for medical records. See the Medical Board of California's FAQ about Medical Records or search for similar sites in your state/country.

  • Contact previous schools or employers. You may have been required to complete and/or submit records for various vaccines or TB tests to previous schools or employers. If you were in the military, you can obtain your immunization records through the National Archives.

Immunization records for vaccines are the most reliable indicators of immunity to a disease, so we urge you to invest the effort to see if you can reasonably track them down.

If you are still unable to secure medical documentation:

MMR, Varicella, Tdap or Meningococcal Conjugate

  • You may ask a medical provider to perform a titer (aka blood test) which tests for immunity for the Measles, Mumps & Rubella and Varicella requirements.

  • Once processed, titer results will indicate whether or not you have immunity to the given disease. When reviewing and reporting your titer results, remember that "positive" means "positive for immunity" and "negative" means "negative for immunity."

  • There are no titers available for the Pertussis (Tdap) or Meningococcal Conjugate requirements so if you do not have proof of vaccination, you will need to obtain those vaccines and submit proof.

  • If you are in the Berkeley area but do not have a medical provider, look into community resources for TB testing and immunizations.

TB Clearance

  • A TB test is not automatically required for all new and re-admitted students. The first step for TB clearance is completing the “TB Screening Questions” under ‘Medical Clearances’ on eTang.

  • TB blood tests that are "negative" show that you do not have TB and are acceptable for TB clearance. TB blood tests that are "positive" indicate you have been exposed to TB and you will need further testing before clearance is granted.

If you need assistance with the compliance process, please contact us.

How Do I Get My Records?

How Do I Get My Records?