FAQ: Do I need to comply?

All incoming and re-admitted students must satisfy Immunization and TB Clearance requirements as mandated by the UC Office of the President prior to the start of their first semester (policy, FAQ). Failure to comply will result in enrollment holds being placed for students who have outstanding requirements as of the seventh week of their first semester on campus.

Specifically, this includes all students who:

  • Are starting a new degree-bearing program at UC Berkeley**, even if they previously attended UC Berkeley or another UC institution
  • Have been re-admitted to UC Berkeley after one or more semesters away
  • Are attending UC Berkeley as EAP/Reciprocity students for one or more semesters

**Students enrolled in the Master of Information & Cybersecurity program, the Master of Information & Data Science program, the Online Only Master of Public Health program, and UC Extension are exempted from these requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who have previously attended UC Berkeley

If you first attended UC Berkeley prior to Fall 2016, the immunization requirement at that time does not meet the current requirements. You will need to complete the new requirements.

If you first attended UC Berkeley in Fall 2016 or later, check the "Immunization Record" tab on eTang to verify which requirements are still compliant and which need to be revised. At a minimum, the TB Clearance requirement(s) must be completed again in almost all cases.

Students who have previously attended another UC institution

We are not able to access or transfer the records you submitted to your previous UC institution. You will need to submit them personally via eTang.


Personal exemptions for the immunization and TB Clearance requirements are not permitted. For more detail, review the University of California Immunization Exemption Policy.

Medical exemption requests will be evaluated individually by the UHS Medical Director. Download the Medical Exemption form and have it filled out and signed by your medical provider, then submit via mail or fax well before the formal deadline to allow sufficient time for review.

By mail:

UHS Administration - attn: Medical Director
2222 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-4300

By fax:

(510) 642-1801 - attn: Medical Director

Read more about the requirements from UHS Medical Director, Anna Harte