Completing Requirements

Steps to Complete 

  1. See below for your formal deadline to comply.
  2. Log in to eTang “Medical clearances” page. 
  3. Complete the TB requirements.
    1. Complete the "TB Screening Questions" on eTang under "Medical Clearances." 
    2. Submit additional documentation, if necessary. 
  4. Complete the immunization items by entering your immunization dates or titer results on eTang under "Medical Clearances." 
    1. Note: only enter immunization or titer information that appears on your records.
    2. You will need to click ‘Update’ on the line for each item to enter your immunization dates.
    3. If you do not have the vaccines or immunization record, you will need to obtain the vaccines.
  5. Upload your immunization or titer records by clicking 'Update' on the line for 'Immunization Record’.
    1. You must upload medical records for each immunization and/or titer that you have entered on the eTang portal. 
    2. Your records need to be uploaded in English. 
    3. Note: COVID-19 vaccine records must be uploaded to the ‘COVID-19’ line, not the ‘Immunization Record’ line.
  6. Read more about the required age, dose, and interval parameters for each vaccine requirement:
  7. Check your compliance status on eTang by selecting "Medical Clearances."
  8. Schedule any outstanding vaccines/titers as soon as possible with your medical provider.
  9. On the eTang portal, you will also see a list of RECOMMENDED vaccines, this is separate from the required ones listed above, however, we strongly recommend you also get those as well. 

Please note the following: 

  • TB testing can now be done without regard to the timing of COVID-19 vaccinations. The timing for TB testing after a live virus vaccine (MMR and Varicella) still needs to be one month.  
  • Students who are not fully compliant with all Mandatory TB and immunization Requirements by the formal deadline will have a late fee and an enrollment block placed on their account for the following semester. 
  • Students who falsify any immunization or TB screening information that is submitted will not be compliant with the requirements and may face disciplinary action if found to have violated the Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct (see Section V, Grounds for Discipline).