TALK (to a mental health professional)

Find a provider to speak with through some of our 1:1 mental health services.

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"Let's Talk" is designed for students who are wanting to talk to a counselor casually. This is not a formal counseling session. Speaking with a counselor in a confidential setting can help you access support, provide perspective, help you explore resources and options and discuss how counseling might be helpful.

Same-day 45-minute session focused on what is top of mind for you at the moment and your counselor will provide some immediate support.

Services are topic-specific and aim to help students strengthen coping skills, problem solve, and identify resources. Social Services is open to all registered UC Berkeley students regardless of insurance plan.

Not sure where to start with all of our resources? Unsure about your career goals or major?

Meet with one of our Career and Wellness Counselors. 

Email to get started.

Students interested in an evaluation for psychiatric medication need to first to meet with a counselor in either Counseling and Psychological Services or Social Services.

Therapists in the community can see students more frequently and longer term. If a student is seeking medication evaluation/management, they might also consider a community psychiatrist.

For Students with SHIP

For students with SHIP, Teladoc is another option for ongoing therapy and psychiatry services (medication management for mild-moderate depression and anxiety) through online video sessions. 

After Hours Support Line

The ProtoCall behavioral health services after-hours support line is available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Call (855)-817-5667.