Health Campaigns

We develop innovative health campaigns to equip students with strategies to navigate critical health issues. 

What's Your Be Well Game Plan?

Be Well Game Plan encourages students to create a plan for taking care of themselves in all aspects of wellness, including stress, social connection, time management, and more. 

Social Connection: It Starts with Hello!

Cal Bears Say Hi is designed to help students feel more connected to each other by making a conscious decision to slow down, notice, and interact with those around them, and in turn, increase their sense of belonging and community.

Cal True Story

Cal True Story is a graphic comic series narrated by real UC Berkeley students, in their own words, about how they navigate health and wellness in their day-to-day lives around topics such as alcohol, chronic pain, coming out, dating, safer sex, and sexual debuts.

Connection Cafe

Connection Cafe is a blog written by and for UC Berkeley students. Advice bloggers research and provide thoughtful advice to anonymous readers about many types of relationships - from friends to family to romance. 

Do You!

Do You! offers strategies for students in decision-making around alcohol and other drugs. Learn more > 

Let's Talk About Consent

Let's Talk About Consent is a violence prevention campaign that identifies how individuals and the campus community play critical roles in talking about consent, working toward prevention, and helping a friend who may have experienced sexual or relationship violence.

Our House

Our House encourages party hosts to set and stick to house rules for responsible alcohol use by adhering to four key practices that contribute to the effective management of potential party risks.

Party Safe at Cal

Party Safe at Cal is an action campaign that works to reduce alcohol-related risks and harm by reaching individual students, the student body as a whole, and the greater college community.

Pet Hugs

Pet Hugs is a mental health campaign that brings therapy dogs to campus to positively impact mood, stress, and sense of connection for students, staff, and faculty.

REST Zones

REST Zones is a joint ASUC/UHS initiative to install nap pods and massage chairs in multiple sites around campus, encouraging students to slow down and take a break during their busy days.

Skin Smart Campus Initiative

UC Berkeley has been recognized as a Skin Smart Campus by The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention. Ensuring the well-being of our students, we are providing a safe and healthy learning and living environment on and off campus, pledging to keep indoor tanning devices off our campus and our affiliated buildings. We also promote skin cancer prevention policies and education.