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The Be Well at Work - Ergonomics Program promotes healthy campus work environments through workshops, consultation and coordination of the campus network of departmental computer workstation evaluators. Our goal is to help fit jobs to people.

Ergo Update: Ergonomics Tips for Remote Work

The ergonomics design of the computer workstation is applicable in the office environment and
wherever you find yourself working. How you set up the space and work has a big impact on reducing
the use of awkward postures and for the risk of injury. For those who are finding themselves working
at home more often, here are some ergonomics tips to follow*.

Ergonomics Tips for Remote Work (pdf)

Ergonomics Tips for Home Gardening (pdf)

Instructional videos and handout are now available for:

NEW- Sitting and Standing at Your Computer

Many people think it is a great idea to purchase a sit stand desk top unit to work on the computer.  Although good in theory, they are not recommended.  They do not fit a wide range of users and without realizing it the thickness of the platform elevates the height of the desk, which is already too tall and usually prevents a safe seated posture.  The height of the monitor has limited adjustability as well.  The desktop units can provide the capability to stand for creative work, and health and wellness, but should not overshadow being able to achieve a good seated posture.

Please contact Be Well at Work Ergonomics prior to purchasing a sit stand desk top unit.

Be Well at Work Ergonomics does recommend purchasing a stand-alone height adjustable desk that is part of the pre-approved product list.  Matching funds can be utilized for part of the purchase price with a computer workstation evaluation and online training.  Watch the video below to learn more about height adjustable tables.

Ergo Tips For Using Your Mouse