Faculty/Staff Ergonomics

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The Be Well at Work - Ergonomics Program

The Ergonomics Program promotes healthy campus and home work environments through workshops, consultation, and coordination of the campus network of departmental computer workstation evaluators. Our goal is to help fit jobs to people.

Ergo Update:

Computer Matching Funds Program increased to $1,000

In returning to campus or a hybrid model, faculty and staff are now working on campus and/or remotely from home.  If you have not done so already, please work with your supervisor and complete a Flexible Work Arrangement. 

When working on a computer, it is important to remember that the proper ergonomics design of your computer workstation is important no matter where your “office” may be.  We care about your health and safety while you complete your important work in a new work environment.  To help you have a good computer workstation on campus or at home, please follow the ergonomics tips below:

Step 1:  Take the interactive on-line course, Computer Health Matters, which will help you set up a user-friendly workstation.  Enroll now.

Step 2:  Review the following resources :

Step 3:  Based on the information identified in Steps 1 and 2, make recommended changes to your home workstation.  Discuss any needed items with your supervisor/manager prior to purchasing.  

Step 4:  On an as-needed basis, “virtual” assessment of home workstations is available.  These would be accomplished by phone, photos, and/or video chat.  To schedule an assessment, please contact Greg Ryan at gryan@berkeley.edu.  

Peripheral Equipment for Working at Home

There are a few simple ergonomics products that may improve your home workstation, particularly for those who are now using laptops more than ever.  For example, by elevating your laptop (by use of a laptop stand or stack of books) to get its monitor to the correct height and attaching an external keyboard and mouse, the ergonomics of your home workstation has greatly improved.  This list includes keyboards, mice, footrests and laptop stands/risers.  

Once faculty and staff return to working in their campus offices, this equipment must be brought back to your department.  

See a list of pre-approved products.

See purchasing instructions including delivery to home for ergo products

See Additional Work From Home approved products

Computer Ergonomics Matching Funds Program

The products on this pre-approved list would qualify for the Matching Funds Program during this time.  This funding is limited and will be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. To qualify for this funding, please following these steps:

  • Faculty or staff needing products must take or have taken the online Computer Health Matters training within the last two years.   Enroll now
  • While not required, a virtual ergonomics assessment could be done.  See above for details.  
  • Select the item(s) from the pre-approved list of peripheral products.
  • Purchase the item(s).
  • Complete the matching funds application.  
  • Submit the application and supporting documentation to Greg Ryan at gryan@berkeley.edu for monthly processing.

For other ergonomic needs not already mentioned above, please contact Greg Ryan (gryan@berkeley.edu).