Radiology at the Tang Center provides routine exams on a walk-in basis and fulfills orders from outside providers.

All exams are read remotely by a board certified Radiology group. Some imaging services are referred out to the community and require an approved referral through the SHIP office.


Tang Radiology does not schedule for routine exams; requests will be made directly from your provider. Scoliosis exams at the Simpson Center are scheduled through Radiology. 

Make sure to check in at the Radiology department front desk. 


Radiology fees per exam are $59.50. If you are covered by SHIP, patient responsibility is 10%; typical SHIP patient responsibility is $5.95 per exam. 
Copies of exams are $26/exam (not covered by SHIP). 


(510) 642-5844 


Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

CLOSED weekends until August 24 & 25. CLOSED University holidays.