About Health Promotion

Picture of Health Workers at UHS Open House

Vision Statement

To inspire the UC Berkeley campus community to wholeheartedly and unapologetically strive for an environment of optimal health, wellness, and belonging.  

Mission Statement

  • We put health first. We promote a campus environment that supports the ability to thrive physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We educate and advocate for optimal health, from personal wellness improvement to institutional and policy change.
  • We make health visible. We make connections between health and institutional structures and bring them to light. We lead the campus toward changes that create and maintain a healthy campus community.
  • We advocate. We amplify student voices through all of our work with partners on and off campus, locally and nationally.
  • We engage and empower. We educate and partner with students to create positive, healthy change in their own lives and equip them with skills, support, and experience to make broader changes in their communities. We also engage with campus and local colleagues, empowering them to address student health issues in their own arenas.

Health Leadership

We bring a public health lens to all aspects of student and campus life and support bold strategies and initiatives to improve the health of the community.

We recognize that the campus is an ever-changing landscape where issues are complex and require multi-faceted, collaborative action and advocacy to implement sustainable changes for a healthier campus community.