Students with Disabilities

UHS is committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities have equal access to care at UC Berkeley.

We offer a wide range of services to help students with disabilities achieve their academic endeavors while managing their important health and wellness needs. 

  • If You're Seeking DSP Accommodations for a Physical Condition: You'll need a medical provider to complete the documentation. You can establish care with a UHS primary care physician if you haven't already done so. If you've previously been seen by a medical provider for this disability, you can have that provider complete the paperwork or have your medical records sent to UHS so you can establish your care. Please contact the RN Care Manager at (510) 664-9926 for assistance.
  • If You're Seeking DSP Accommodations for a Mental Health Condition: You'll need to have your DSP forms completed by a mental health provider (note: forms typically cannot be completed on a first visit. Please allow adequate time to establish care).
    • If you have an existing off-campus/community mental health provider (i.e.: counseling, medication), that provider treating you should complete the DSP documentation.
    • If you have an existing UHS CAPS or Social Services provider, speak with the counselor about your request to get the process started.
    • If you're not currently connected with a mental health provider, this can be done through a community provider of your choosing or by UHS with a CAPS clinician by calling (510) 642-9494, with a Social Services clinician by calling (510) 642-6074. Both CAPS and Social Services have clinicians who specialize in many different issues.
  • For more specific information about DSP, please call them directly at (510)642-0518 or visit the DSP website.

Resources for Students With Disabilities

Transportation Options

University Health Services is located at 2222 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720. It is the southwest corner of campus, between Ellsworth and Fulton (Oxford) Streets.

  • Campus Shuttles - Campus and LBNL shuttles (510) 642-5149 stop at Ellsworth and Bancroft Way, half a block from UHS. The Loop offers intra-campus rides for eligible faculty, staff, and students with disabilities. 
  • Public Transportation - UHS is a short walk from the Berkeley BART station (phone number - (510) 465-2278) and AC Transit bus stops (phone number - (510) 839-2882). See the visitor's center page for more details. 
  • East Bay Paratransit - Public transit service.
  • Plan your trip with
  • Urgent Care - Free drop-off parking (30 minutes) is provided at the UHS Urgent Care entrance off Durant Avenue. For Urgent Care visits only. 
  • Public Parking for Visitors - Metered street parking is located on Bancroft Way and Durant Avenue.
  • Public Parking Lots - Durant Avenue, between Telegraph Avenue and Dana Street (two blocks east of UHS). 
  • Holders of campus C, F, or S permits - Use the Ellsworth parking structure at Ellsworth Street and Channing Way.
  • Holders of campus C, F, or M permits - Use the Recreational Sports Facility lot on Bancroft at Ellsworth (located across the street from UHS). 

*Campus parking in the vicinity is not always available. Visitors are encouraged to use alternative methods of transportation if this is an available option.  

Wheelchair/Medical Supply Resources

  • The Shop at CIL - 2539 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704, 510) 649-1100 
  • Johnston Medical Supply Inc. - 2801 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705, (510) 843-2488
  • Wheelchairs of Berkeley - 2911 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705, (510) 549-8727
  • Med Solutions - Power/manual wheelchair rentals, (800) 346-1646
  • Numotion - 610 N Pastoria Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, (408) 522-1200 

Orthotics/Prosthetics Resources

  • CIRS - 1250 45th St # 330, Emeryville, CA 9460 | (510) 653-9834 
  • Laurence Orthopedic - 6001 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA | (510) 658-2062 

On Campus Resources

  • Disabled Students Program (DSP) - Offers academic advising, academic accommodations, attendant referral, alternative media, disability access services, and DSP student grants. Located at: 260 Cesar Chavez Student Center #4250, Berkeley, CA 94720. Phone: (510) 642-0518
  • Disabled Students Residence Program (DSRP) - Independent living skills training for Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) consumers/students. DSRP services serve any DOR consumer/UC Berkeley student who would benefit from independent living skills training while attending school at UC Berkeley. Located at 260 Cesar Chavez Student Center #4250, Berkeley, CA 94720. Phone: (510) 642-8898
  • Disability Access Compliance (DAC) Office - 330 Warren Hall
  • TRiO DSP Student Support Services - TRiO Disability Student Support Services is dedicated to supporting Cal students with disabilities, including those from low-income backgrounds.