API Connect

For Asian American Pacific Islanders (API) Students

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Elena Zhukova

Welcome Asian American Pacific Islanders (API) students!

This webpage was created with you in mind. We want to provide you with important information as well as connect you with Asian American Pacific Islander communities on campus.

Life at Berkeley can be both exciting and challenging. Dealing with the pressures to perform academically and socially can be stressful and potentially lead to distress, especially among API students who come from communities that may place less value on asking for help. Our overall aim is to increase mental health awareness among API students. In addition, we hope to connect students to one another, highlight valuable campus resources, and provide effective tools for how to thrive at UC Berkeley.

Please call upon us and the resources on this website so that we can join, serve and support you throughout your time at Cal! We strongly believe in our API Connect motto of joining together "to take care of ourselves and our communities!"