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For confidential messages, please contact UHS departments through the eTang Portal.

UHS Contact Info

  • General Telephone: (510) 642-2000
  • TTY/TDD Phone Line: (510) 643-1233
  • General
  • Address: 2222 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720-4300

Top Searched

  • Health Records: phone (510) 642-1804, fax (510) 642-1801
  • Insurance (SHIP): phone (510) 642-5700, fax (510) 642-9119
  • Administration: (510) 643-5079
  • Primary Care: phone (510) 642-2000, fax (510) 643-2997
  • General: Please call (510) 642-6621 for other direct fax numbers. 
Advice Nurse

Call (510) 643-7197 to speak to the 24/7 Advice Nurse. Students can also message the Advice Nurse through the eTang portal. The Advice Nurse can help you navigate our After Hours Assistance when UHS is closed.

For Students:
Feedback, questions, comments, and concerns
  • General Email:
  • For questions regarding the Mandatory TB & Immunization Program: Please visit the TB & Immunizations web page for step-by-step instructions and contact info.
  • For questions and comments regarding your prescription or treatment plan: Use the secure eTang patient portal to discuss medical or treatment issues. Please do not send private health information via email. Currently enrolled students may message our 24/7 Advice Nurse, Primary Care team, counselors, and insurance specialists through our secure eTang patient portal.
  • For complaints, suggestions, and other feedback: Please visit How to Offer Feedback or File a Complaint.
Insurance (SHIP) and waivers 

For Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) inquiries, call (510) 642-5700 or email Currently enrolled students may also message our insurance specialists through the eTang patient portal.

Wellfleet Member Services: (877) 657-5033 or Contact info for providers.

Make a Gift / Donation
Make a gift online, call (510) 642-6621, or email
Press and Media Inquiries 
Communications Office - Public Information: (510) 664-7168.
Public Health 
Public Health Departments may contact University Health Services to obtain treatment or follow-up information as needed. Public Health officials may contact the UHS Infection Control Nurse Manager by calling the Specialty Clinic at (510) 643-7177
Website Feedback 

Email for feedback about our website or any corrections that need to be made.

General Phone and Email Directory

The e-mail addresses listed below are for inquiries or comments of a general nature. Please do not include confidential information about specific patients in your e-mail. UHS staff will not be able to respond with confidential patient information via e-mail. For confidential patient inquiries, contact the unit either by phone or in person or use the eTang patient portal.

Unit Phone Email
UHS Main Phone Number (510) 642-2000
TTY/TDD Phone Line (510) 643-1233  
Administrative Services (3rd Floor) (510) 642-6621
Advice Nurse (510) 643-7197 Message through the eTang Patient Portal

Allergy/Travel (1st Floor)

Appointments  (510) 642-2000
Appointment Cancellation (must cancel at least 24 hours in advance) (510) 643-7033
Be Well at Work - Employee Assistance (510) 643-7754
Be Well at Work - Ergonomics (510) 642-8410
Be Well at Work - Occupational Health (2nd Floor) (510) 642-6891
Be Well at Work - Wellness Program  (510) 643-4646
Be Well at Work - Work/Life (510) 642-8659
Be Well at Work - Workers’ Compensation (510) 643-7921
Career Counseling Library (3rd Floor) (510) 642-2367
Cashier (3rd Floor) (510) 642-8450
Clinical Services Administration (510) 642-6621
Counseling & Psychological Services (3rd Floor) (510) 642-9494
Counseling After Hours Line (855) 817-5667
Health Promotion (2nd Floor) (510) 642-7202
Health Records (2nd Floor) (510) 642-1804
Immunizations (1st Floor) (510) 643-7177 Message through the eTang Patient Portal
Information Desk (1st Floor) (510) 642-6339  
Insurance (Student Health Insurance Office) (3rd Floor) (510) 642-5700
Laboratory (1st Floor) (510) 642-5585 Message through the eTang Patient Portal
Mandatory TB & Immunization (2nd Floor) (510) 664-5090 Message through the eTang Patient Portal
Mental Health Services (3rd Floor) (510) 642-9494
Optometry (3rd Floor) (510) 643-2020
Pharmacy (1st Floor) (510) 642-3249  
Physical Therapy (3rd Floor) (510) 642-0607  
Primary Care Clinics (2nd Floor) (510) 642-2000
Radiology (1st Floor) (510) 642-5844  
Social Services and Nutrition (2nd Floor) (510) 642-6074
Specialty Clinic (1st Floor) (510) 643-7177  
Student Health Insurance Office (3rd Floor) (510) 642-5700
SHIP 24-hour Nurse Line (800) 681-4065
Tang Center Eye Clinic (3rd Floor) (510) 643-2020
Urgent Care (1st Floor) (510) 642-3188