You may satisfy the Varicella requirement in ONE of the following ways:

1. By

  • Two doses of the Varicella vaccine.

  • Doses must meet the following age/interval requirements:

    • First dose must be on or after your 1st birthday

    • Second dose must be at least 28 days after the first dose

  • If you only have one dose that meets the age/interval requirements, you still need to get an additional dose.

  • NOTE: since Varicella is a live vaccine, it is contraindicated in certain conditions (including if you are pregnant). If you need a medical exemption, see “Exemptions” here


2. By positive titer:

(if you actually had chicken pox, or cannot find records for your past doses of the vaccines):

  • Blood titer for Varicella showing that you have immunity.

    • Not everyone who has chicken pox or shingles necessarily develops Varicella immunity, so a blood titer to prove that you are "positive" for immunity is required. A doctor's note stating that you had chicken pox or shingles is not sufficient.

  • If your titer results do not show evidence of immunity, you will still be required to get any outstanding doses of the vaccine(s) as indicated above.

  • NOTE: when reporting your titer results, remember that "positive" means "positive for immunity" and "negative" means "negative for immunity."