Insurance After Graduation

Are you graduating or leaving UC Berkeley?

Whether you are graduating or leaving the University for a period of time, SHIP cannot be continued after the last day of coverage following graduation (December 31 or July 31). The ending of SHIP is considered a qualifying event that opens a 60-day special enrollment period for you to enroll in other insurance plans.

Here are some options that might be available:

To learn more about your options on Covered California and Medi-Cal or to find an insurance navigator to assist you with Covered California, please visit the Covered California site. Please note, this is an external website. Other states have a website for their exchange plans as well. We would suggest reaching out to your county, parish, or city hall for assistance. Please also see Medi-cal and Covered California Frequently Asked Questions.

Please Note: This information is provided as a service to students. It is not meant as a University endorsement of any insurance company or plan.