Under the direction of community allergists, highly trained and experienced nurses offer education and treatment for allergies, including information on how to reduce your exposure to allergens and immunotherapy (allergy shots).

UHS Allergy Clinic Please see your Primary Care clinician if you have problems with allergies; your clinician will refer you to an allergist as indicated.
Allergy Shots Please read Important Information for Allergy Patients. Allergy shots are given on an appointment-only basis. Patients should call the Specialty Clinic desk at (510) 643-7177 to make an appointment.
Continuity of allergy 
care when relocating 
to Berkeley
If you are an incoming student currently receiving allergy shots and wish to continue your allergy shots, please read Important Information for Allergy Patients.
Referrals and resources See Allergy & Immunology Referral Sources for the Bay Area, a list of physicians who belong to the Aetna Preferred Provider network.