Urgent Care at UHS (On Campus)

urgent care sign with urgent care clinic in background

The Urgent Care Clinic is a service for urgent medical problems.

Urgent problems include sudden, serious, and unexpected illnesses, injuries, or conditions that require immediate medical attention. 

Worker injury for UC Berkeley employees: If your injury or illness arose or occurred in the course of your employment, you should provide this information to the Urgent Care triage nurse/front desk staff at the time of your first visit to initiate billing of your Workers Compensation carrier.

What to expect in Urgent Care:

1) Assessment of your condition

  • Upon your arrival in Urgent Care, please check-in at the kiosk. After registration, a nurse will speak with you and assess your medical condition -- ask you about your symptoms, take your vital signs and consult with a physician if necessary. The nurse and medical team will recommend the best way to get you the care you need.  
  • If an urgent medical visit is advised, you will be directed to see a provider in the Urgent Care or Primary Care clinics.
  • Please see the Patient Guide to Sensitive Exams to best understand your options should an exam of this nature be required.
  • If your condition does not require immediate care, the nurse will assist you in scheduling a medical appointment within an appropriate time period in one of the medical clinics or refer you to a community clinic. 

*If you have a medical emergency (for example, shortness of breath, chest pain, severe pain) please let the staff know immediately upon arrival.*

2) Seeing a provider in Urgent Care

  • If the nurse recommends an Urgent Care medical visit today, your name will be called when a room becomes available for you.
  • Your clinician will work with you to determine the best plan of treatment and follow-up care for your condition.
  • If you have an urgent condition that cannot be fully evaluated or treated in Urgent Care, we will arrange transfer to a hospital, emergency room, or local specialist for further care.

3) Wait times for Urgent Care 

  • When the clinic is busy, wait times may be several hours.
  • The urgent care clinic is intended for urgent medical problems and has limited capacity.  Patients are seen in order of acuity not by arrival time; those that don't require immediate care made need to wait are strongly encouraged to make an appointment in Primary Care or seek care in the community.
  • Your cooperation and patience while waiting are appreciated.

4) Closing time for Urgent Care

  • Closing time is often very busy at Urgent Care, as a result, wait times may be longer
  • All patients presenting to Urgent Care will be assessed by an RN
  • Those patients not requiring immediate medical care will be assisted by staff to access care within the appropriate time period (medical appointment for example).
  • If we cannot provide your full and complete medical care due to the clinic's closure, we will create a plan with you to get you the care needed.
  • Patients triaged to an appointment, next-day services, or the emergency room will be given a clear reason and explanation for the triage decisions.


UC Berkeley students with SHIP will pay a $35 office visit co-pay for Urgent Care. There are fees for some procedures, lab, x-ray services, medications, supplies, and prescriptions. See sample fees page for more detailed information.

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Phone: (510) 642-3188

University Health Services, Tang Center

2222 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA 94720-4300

The Tang Center is located on Bancroft Way at the southwest corner of campus, between Ellsworth and Fulton (Oxford) Streets. See campus map. For more about how to get to the UHS Tang Center, see our Directions page.