Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance

To satisfy the Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance requirement:

Step #1: Required for all new and re-admitted students

  • Complete the "TB Initial Risk Screen" questionnaire via eTang.
  • Monitor your "Messages" tab on eTang for any additional steps that may be required (see steps #2-3).

Step #2: Required for students who are notified via eTang to complete additional testing

  • Complete the "TB Follow-Up 1: Test Results" step if you are notified to do so.
    • Test results must have been completed within 12 months of the formal deadline.
    • The BCG vaccine does not satisfy this requirement. Instead, complete the TB blood test (as the TB skin test may produce false positive results in patients who have received the BCG vaccine).
    • If you have had a TB chest x-ray that was normal within 12 months of the formal deadline, you may submit the written chest x-ray report instead of the TB blood test.
    • Once complete, enter the dates and results (negative or positive) of the TB test done on "___[form name]" on eTang.

[something about the medium risk questionnaire as a step as well]

Step #3: Required for students who receive positive TB tests

  • Have your medical provider complete the "TB Follow-Up 2: Medical Clearance Form" step if you are notified to do so.
    • Ensure all fields are filled out by your medical provider, including the symptom review questions.
    • Ensure all entries are legible.
    • The form must be signed by an MD, NP, RN or PA.

If it is impossible for you to complete one or more of the additional steps by the formal deadline:

  • You may schedule an appointment at UHS once you are eligible for services.
  • If you only need to complete a TB blood test, you may schedule a lab test via eTang without having to see a clinician first.
    • Select "Messages," then "New Message," then "Order a TB blood test at the lab."
    • Read instructions, then select "Continue," then answer the yes/no questions on the next page.
    • Select "Tuberculosis blood test," then "Send."
    • Once you receive an auto-reply, proceed to the UHS Lab at your convenience (M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm, no appointment needed).
  • Ensure you schedule any appointments or tests in a timely manner to avoid an enrollment hold for non-compliance.
  • Cost will depend on whether or not you have SHIP insurance (sample fees with/without SHIP).