Sexual Health and Sexuality

Sexual health and sexuality are relevant to all of us - whether you’re a sexual novice, a sexpert, or abstinent.

It doesn't matter whether you are single, dating, in a relationship; it doesn’t matter how you identify yourself sexually. Sexuality is part of who you are, and healthy sexuality is important to your overall wellness. You should have as much information as possible to make informed choices about sexuality. The information and resources listed here can help you make healthy sexual choices now and in the future.

Services at UHS

Additional Resources

UHS has compiled the following list of resources related to sexuality and sexual health to assist students in finding additional information, services and support.

On-Campus Resources

Off-Campus Resources

  • Berkeley Free Clinic: STI screening and treatment, HIV testing, pregnancy testing, and counseling services
  • Berkeley Public Health Clinic: STI screening, treatment, and prevention education
  • Casa Segura: Safer sex education and kits, STI clinic, birth control, abortion referral, pregnancy testing and services, and HIV testing (Oakland)
  • Center for Sex and Culture: Classes and events related to sexual health and pleasure, and library of sex education and history (San Francisco)
  • Eastmont Wellness Center: STI testing and women’s health (Oakland)
  • Good Vibrations: Retailer of sexual health supplies and sex toys (Berkeley, San Francisco)
  • Magnet: Free testing for STIs and HIV, and hepatitis A/B vaccinations for gay, bi, and trans men (San Francisco)
  • Pacific Center: Social activities and support groups for bi, gay, lesbian, transgender, youth & questioning, as well as AIDS education, testing, and counseling (Berkeley)
  • Planned Parenthood: Birth control, STI screening and treatment, HIV testing, abortion services, pregnancy tests, gynecological exams, LGBT services, emergency contraception, cancer screening, prenatal care, counseling, and men and women’s health care (El Cerrito, Central Richmond, Hilltop-Richmond, San Francisco, Eastmont, Walnut Creek)
  • San Francisco City Clinic: HIV testing, women’s health (annual exams, contraception, family planning tools), and STD testing
  • San Francisco Sex Information: Free, accurate, non-judgmental sex information via phone, email and web
  • Society of Jamus: Education, socialization, and support for members of the BDSM and kink community
  • The Trevor Project (866-488-7386) provides a free, 24/7 crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline to LGBTQ youth
  • Tri-City Health: Birth control, STI screening and treatment, HIV testing, pregnancy testing and options counseling, gynecological exams, and emergency contraception (Fremont)
  • Wohlford Family Clinic: Abortion services, birth control, HIV testing, LGBT services, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, STI testing, and men and women’s health care (San Francisco)

Online Resources

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