HIV Testing

Medical Care and Testing at UHS 

  • Recommended: Order a confidential HIV Antibody Test from the UHS Lab (no appointment needed) through the eTang Portal. To access, log into eTang, select "Messages" from the left navigation bar, select "New Message" and then under "Lab Tests for Students and SHIP Dependents", click "Order a Lab test". Review Sample Fees for information on costs.
  • Free Monthly Service: Rapid HIV testing with the Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP). Free, confidential, rapid HIV testing monthly during the academic year on the 2nd floor of UHS. 
  • UHS Pharmacy purchase:  Purchase an HIV Home test from the UHS Pharmacy (Visit the Over the Counter webpage for more info. Please contact the pharmacy for the most accurate cost information). See Home HIV Test Questionnaire (PDF)
  • Medical appointment:  Schedule a medical appointment if you want to test for HIV and sexually transmitted infections--a good option if you have questions, concerns, symptoms, or feel you may be at high risk. (If you already have a scheduled medical appointment, your clinician can order the HIV test, you don't need to schedule another appointment.) 

HIV Antibody Tests

HIV antibody testing is used to screen and diagnose HIV infections. Early identification, monitoring, and treatment can greatly improve long-term health. And, knowing your HIV status may help you change behaviors that might put you and others at risk. The test may use a blood draw or urine sample (which may take up to 2 weeks to yield results), or, at some sites, the Rapid Test by finger-prick or oral swab (yielding results in 20 minutes).

University Health Services provides confidential testing services for Cal students. Your test results go into your confidential medical record, which cannot be released without your permission. In addition, HIV results have specific legal protections ensuring their confidentiality. 

The HIV Antibody Test appointment is a nurse-only visit for an HIV lab order, with no exam or other tests included. Lab fees apply. (Please schedule a medical appointment to test for HIV and other STIs. If you already have a scheduled appointment, your clinician can order the HIV antibody test as part of that visit).

Some people prefer to get an anonymous test, which allows them to be identified by a number instead of a name. For anonymous testing or additional questions about HIV/AIDS, visit or call 1-800-367-AIDS. The services listed may change. As of Fall 2009, these clinics had free, anonymous HIV testing by appointment:

  • Berkeley Primary Care Access Clinic: (510) 204-4601
  • Berkeley Public Health Clinic: (510) 981-5380
  • West Berkeley Family Practice: (510) 704-6000

Other Related Services

  • Counseling: Come to Counseling and Psychological Services, Room 3300 UHS, to make a first-time appointment. Individual counseling is available to discuss issues related to HIV/AIDS, relationship and couples counseling, experiences of oppression and discrimination, grief, loss or abuse, stress management, coming out, and academic and career concerns. If you prefer to talk with a counselor of a particular sex, ethnicity, or sexual identity, we will do our best to arrange it. Inform the reception staff or write your request on the form. 
  • Social Services: Call (510) 642-6074 to schedule an appointment with a medical social worker for confidential counseling to help manage problems that can emerge from illness, such as financial, academic, legal, and family concerns, as well as provide campus and community referrals. Social workers also provide support during the initial adjustment period following a recent HIV diagnosis.
  • Health and Wellness Coaching: A session with a professional health educator will help you make simple changes in your lifestyle to improve your health and well-being, including sexual health education, concerns, and issues. Schedule online through eTang.
  • Health Insurance: Contact (510) 642-5700 for information on the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), and resources for domestic partners and dependents.
  • Safer Sex Supplies: External condoms and lube are available at reduced prices through the UHS Pharmacy.
  • Workshops for Student Groups: SHEP peers are available for talks on sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and eroticizing safer sex. Health Promotion: (510) 642-7202.
  • About Confidentiality: Your appointments with clinicians, counselors, and other UHS staff are confidential. By law, your parents, friends, professors, and school officials do NOT have access to your UHS records. UHS must obtain your written permission prior to releasing your health information, except when we are required by law to release it.