Medical Home

Welcome to your UHS Medical Home!

The staff at the UHS work closely together to promote wellness and offer healthcare in a medical home model: comprehensive, coordinated, and delivered in a manner that best suits your needs.

The core of this model is your relationship with a primary care clinician and their team, who by getting to know you and your health history are able to work in partnership with you, your family, and other providers to help you stay healthy during your time at Berkeley, and beyond.

All Berkeley students, regardless of the type of health insurance, have full access to services at UHS. Please review the Patient Rights & Responsibilities document that is posted on the clinic wall and feel free to ask any of the staff if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you!

Meet Your Primary Care Team

Primary care medical staff are based in Clinic Teams 1-3, consisting of doctors, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants. UC Berkeley students are automatically assigned a primary care provider (PCP) on registration, based in one of these clinics. We strongly encourage you to see your PCP or one of the other members of their team whenever you visit Primary Care in order to best coordinate your needs–the better we get to know you, the higher quality and more efficient your care! However, should you wish to change your PCP based on specialty interest or personal preference you are always able to do so online through eTang, and we frequently consult with each other to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Clinic 1

(510) 643-7117

Clinic 2

(510) 643-7109

Clinic 3

(510) 643-7110


Gabriella Baeza, MD

Annie Hope, MD 

Sandeep Lehil, NP

Lara Saberon, NP

Deborah Simon-Weisberg, MD

Kimberly Taniguchi, NP

Lynette Francis, MD

Charlene Fernandez, NP 

Julia Gourd, NP

Sheng Hsu, NP

Katie Leach, NP

David Turnoff, MD

Rosemarie Bersabe, FNP 

Melanie Deal, NP

Miriam Dunham, MD

Anna Harte, MD

Cathryn Imperato, NP

Hoki Min, MD

Theresa Vu, MD

Medical Assistants

Robyn Bergunio

Lupe Del Rio

Maria Duran

Hugo Flores

Lizbeth Jimenez

Kella Martinez

Paola Perez-Stephenson

Lisa Bell

Ruby Franco

Daniela Garcia

Olga Luegas

Guadalupe Ramirez

Angela Ross

Sui Hung Tin

Evelin Calderon

Monica Gonzalez

James Kral

Miyah Mcginnis

Paola Perez-Stephenson

Behavioral Health

Robyn Papathakis Shannon, PsyD

Yanni Rho, MD

Raghav Suri, PsyD

Alexander Bennett, PsyD

 Lauren Gent, PsyD

Primary Care and Advice Nursing Teams (Serves All Clinics)

Angela Bonaventura, Favian Castro, Stephanie DeLeon Valencia, Monica Garcia, Carmen Lee, Jenny Stockford, and Ana Weidenfeld

Appointments and Advice

  • If you need a routine primary care appointment, schedule online on eTang ( or call the appointment office at (510) 642-2000.
  • If you are unsure if you need an appointment or what type of appointment you need to schedule, call the advice nurse at (510) 643-7197. 
  • If you have a more severe illness or trauma, please go directly to Urgent Care.

If you have a life threatening condition that requires immediate attention, please call 911.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • Your insurance card if you do not have the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • A list of current prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins and supplements.
  • A description of your concern, how long you have had it, and how it affects you.
  • Lab data, x-ray reports, and/or records from other clinicians you have seen.
  • Your immunization record.
  • A list of questions you would like to discuss with a member of the team.

If You're Seen at Another Facility While A Student at UC Berkeley

Be sure to ask that any documentation be sent to UHS to help you maintain a complete health record. Health records fax number is (510) 642-1801.

Special Accommodations

  • The practice is accessible by wheelchair. 
  • Please let us know if you prefer to receive your care in another language. 
  • Please let us know if you have special needs.
  • A patient attendant is required for some sensitive exams and always available upon request.
UHS Medical Homes Overview
UHS Clinic 1 Primary Care Team
UHS Clinic 2 Primary Care Team
UHS Clinic 3 Primary Care Team