Self-Directed STI Screening

Self-Directed STI Testing is Available

Basic STI testing is available without an appointment through the eTang patient portal.

Please read more below, and when you are ready, log in to eTang, select "Messages" from the left navigation bar, and select the STI option. 

Is self-directed STI testing right for you? Be informed, and take a moment to review the process. 

  • 1. Please read the following important information about our self-directed STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) screening program:

    • This program allows you to order tests for some of the most common sexually transmitted infections without an appointment. It is intended for screening only, and should not be used if you have symptoms.

    • This screening will not test for all STIs, and may not be adequate depending on your sexual practices. To assess your risk, we strongly recommend using a risk tool such as STD Wizard to find out what you should be tested for based on your sexual practices.

    • You may be coming in for testing too soon if you have had a new partner recently. HIV antibody results take up to 4 weeks to become accurate, gonorrhea/chlamydia 1-2 weeks, and syphilis 4 weeks.  

    • This program can be used no more frequently than once per 6 months, in accordance with CDC guidelines for STI screening. Most people do not need STI screening more than once per year, and some less often.

  • 2. When you acknowledge below, you will be directed to a template where you will be asked a few more questions and where you can order one or more of the following tests: Chlamydia (urine or vaginal), Gonorrhea (urine or vaginal), Syphilis (blood), and/or HIV antibody (blood).

  • 3. Once you have submitted your order, you can drop by the UHS Lab on Monday - Friday during open hours. No appointments are needed. Please bring your Cal ID.

  • 4. Negative test results will be sent to you by eTang secure messaging, with a phone call for any positive results. Results are usually sent within 3 business days but can occasionally take longer due to lab processing requirements. If you do not wish to receive results by eTang secure messaging, you cannot at this time use this program. Please call to discuss with the Advice Nurse, or make an appointment to be seen by a clinician for your STI/STD testing needs.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have STI symptoms, concerns regarding exposure within the past week (such as a broken condom), or have been the survivor of an assault, it is not recommended that you use this program as other testing and treatment may be needed. Please call the Advice Line immediately at (510) 643-7197 or see After-Hours services

Ready? Begin here: Log into eTang with your CalNet ID, select "Messages" from the left navigation bar, and select the STI option.