Eligibility Schedule: The time period that UHS services are available to students.

The Student Health Insurance Office can help you determine eligibility for services at the Tang Center - call (510) 642-5700. 

New fall or spring semester students 

Eligible to use UHS services 30 calendar days prior to the first day of the semester.

  • Fall 2023: eligibility begins July 16, 2022 and student pricing starts August 1, 2023.
  • Spring 2024: eligibility begins December 9, 2023 and student pricing starts January 1, 2024. 
All registered students 

Eligible to use all UHS services during the fall and spring semesters.

For 2023-24, services available August 1, 2023-July 31, 2024. Hours and services are curtailed during scheduled holidays and winter/spring recesses during the school year.

Registered summer session students Eligible to use UHS services during the summer from May 15, 2024 to August 10, 2024.
Non-SHIP enrolled students who graduate or leave UCB at the end of a given semester

If SPRING is your last semester: eligible for UHS services until July 31.

If FALL is your last semester: eligible for UHS services until December 31.

Students who are graduating  Please see Health Insurance After You Graduate.
Spouses and domestic partners of registered Berkeley students.

Eligible for Couples Counseling.

UC Extension International Student and UC Extension International Concurrent Student

Eligible only for Counseling (excluding Psychiatry and Social Services), Mandatory Immunizations, TB Screening, Varicella & MMR Titers, Travel Clinic, Flu Clinic and Career Counseling.

UCB Visiting Scholar and Postdocs

Eligible for limited services: International Travel Clinic and Be Well at Work Programs (Wellness, Work/LifeEmployee Assistance and Disability Management's Workers' Comp.

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