There are more options than ever to help prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Many factors go into making this important decision. What once was a good method for you a few years ago may not fit your busy lifestyle and schedule now, and new options may have become available. We can assist you in finding the right method for your individual needs and preferences.

Contraceptive options: 

Many methods of contraception are available at UHS. If you would like general information about the options available at UHS, a great first step would be to make a free Healthy Sexuality Coaching & Education appointment (this is an educational visit only)

  • If you are ready to obtain a birth control method or need a refill of your current prescription please go to the eTang portal and send a message to the Pharmacy.

Prescription-based methods like birth control pills, diaphragms, contraceptive gel, vaginal rings, contraceptive patches, Nexplanon, Depo Provera shots, and IUDs (ParaGard, Mirena, Kyleena, and Skyla) are all covered 100% by Berkeley SHIP. For students with other insurances, prescriptions may be available for some methods to use at a pharmacy covered by your insurance.

For more information:

Emergency Contraception (EC) is available for use if a condom breaks, slips, or is not used. Paragard and Mirena IUDs are the most effective emergency contraception and can be used for ongoing contraception. An IUD can be placed within 5 days of unprotected sex.  Oral emergency contraception (Plan B and Ella) EC is not as effective but can be very helpful and safe to use if an "accident" occurs and the person wishes to avoid pregnancy. It must be taken within 5 days of exposure, the sooner the better. Plan B can be purchased without a prescription by anyone. Ella is available by prescription only, is covered by Berkeley SHIP, and can be requested by calling the Advice Nurse 510-643-7197; it may be better tolerated by some but has some specific instructions that you should be aware of. See also: 

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