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The Sexual Health Education Program's (SHEP) mission is to empower students in feeling comfortable with their bodies and making informed decisions about their sex and sexuality, including whether or not to be sexually active.

Services provided are inclusive of all races/ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and levels of sexual knowledge and experience.


SHEP Programs

Sexpert Education Clinic (Virtual!)

Students can meet one-on-one (and/or with their partner) with a trained Sexpert on Fridays from 12-3pm to:

  • Discuss sexual decision-making, sexual communication, safer sex, and contraceptive options
  • HIV AntiBody Test - This service is suspended for Fall 2020 due to COVID-19

By Appointment Only. Schedule your Sexpert Education Clinic Appointment today! Your appointment will automatically be added to your Google calendar. Prior to your scheduled appointment time, you will receive a Google Calendar update via email with your unique Zoom link.

If you cannot meet virtually for any reason, please use the option to schedule a Healthy Sexuality Coaching appointment.


Outreach activities are highly interactive and provide free samples of condoms, dental dams, and lube, when possible:

  • Annual awareness events including Sexual Health Awareness Week and National Condom Day
  • Educational presentations for your class, organization or living center; see current workshop topics
  • Advice and materials for students who wish to put on their own sexual health workshop
  • Random distribution of safer sex supplies to Berkeley students

To request an outreach service, complete the SHEP Resource Request Form with at least 1-week advance notice.

Schedule your Outreach Consultation appointment.

Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health

SHEP interns teach two sections of “Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health and Sexuality” for academic credit through DeCal. The course allows students to:

  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, STIs and safer sex
  • Examine differing preferences, ideas, and influences around sexuality
  • Experience a safe space for discussion, acceptance, exploration, and understanding

Other Resources

Sexual Health & COVID-19 Resources

Sexpress at Memorial Glade

Friday, 4/30 and 5/7, 12-3pm

Sexpress is back - now at Memorial Glade! Find SHEP students at the table near the Moffitt Library entrance and stop by to pick up up safer sex supplies - lube samples, external and internal condoms, educational brochures, and giveaways like condom carriers, stickers, and buttons (while supples last). 

All safer sex supplies are pre-packaged into safer sex kits with five condom samples (you can choose from regular, larger-size, or non-latex kits), three lube samples (one silicone, one hypoallergenic water-based, and one water-based), and a mini pamphlet on using condoms correctly.


Sex & COVID-19 flyer

COVID and Dating Handout

Relationships & Dating during COVID-19 flyer

National Condom Week

Feb 8 - 14, 2021

National Condom Week Flier

Sexpress Safer Sex Supplies Delivery

Update: 2/5/21
In an effort to support campus efforts to slow the spread, and in response to increasing COVID cases on campus, Sexpress delivery of safer sex supplies is temporarily postponed. If you need safer sex supplies before we resume our delivery service, please check out our Safer Sex Supply map with locations within 1 mile of campus where you can purchase safer sex supplies.  

Daily Sex(y) Tips on Facebook & Instagram

The Sexual Health Education Program will be posting tips on Instagram and Facebook for the following days & themes:

  • 2/8: Myth Busting Monday
  • 2/9: Talk Sex(y) to Me Tuesday: Enthusiastic Consent.
  • 2/10: Wet Wednesday: Eroticizing Safer Sex
  • 2/11: Just Do It...Safely Thursday
  • 2/12: Flirty Friday
  • 2/13 Safer, Sexy, Healthy Saturday
  • 2/14: Sunday, Funday, Condom Day 

Past Events

Sexual Health Awareness Week

SHAW Schedule

Monday, September 14

What does Sexual Health mean to you? - Share your thoughts with the SHEP team on Instagram and Facebook

Tuesday, September 15

Sex and Dating During COVID-19

Presentation Slides from 3:15-4:15pm with Dr. Lynne Lazarus and Sexperts Poojan, and Sarah

Wednesdsay, September 16

Sexual and Pleasure Anatomy, Sexual Response Cycle
Open Decal, 6-8pm, email for the discussion link

Would you Rather?
Polls on Facebook. Ex. Would you rather give or receive?

Thursday, September 17

Self-Love: Solo Sex
Join the Sexperts on social media 

Black Male Sexual Health

The Trauma, Toxicity, and Love of Black Male Sexual Experiences Bi-Weekly, 2-3pm with Black Sexual Health intern, Corey Hollis

Email Corey at for more information.

Friday, September 18

Sexpert Education Clinic, 12-3pm. Make an appointment.

Sexpert Education Q&A - Can't make the clinic? Ask a Sexpert your question on Instagram and Facebook

50 Years of SHEP

This year will be the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Health Education Program! Celebrate the momentous occasion with us all week long at our events!

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