Health Coaching

Health coaches support you through the process of defining and achieving your health and wellness goals by creating a sustainable and achievable action plan.

Please be advised that coaching sessions are not a substitute for medical appointments. Coaches cannot diagnose or treat medical issues, or authorize medical tests. More than one visit is possible.

Update: Health coaching appointments are currently on hold, but we plan to have this service available in mid-Fall semester.

You can use the resources below to assist you in making positive health changes. If you need more assistance, email us at Put “Health Navigation” in the subject line and we will get back to you!

Wellness Health Coaching

For a step-by-step guide to support healthy changes, check out the Wellness Self-Coaching page.

For healthy lifestyle recommendations please see our list of "Health Education Resources" on the menu to the right.


Exercise is Medicine

To start a physical activity program or get a free online fitness consultation, you can speak with one of the Rec Sports personal trainers free of charge. Please see the Fitness Consultation page to sign up.



If you have nutrition concerns (related to stress and emotional eating, assistance with meal planning, eating on a budget, changes in appetite and eating patterns) and want to speak with a registered dietitian, you can attend a free drop-in nutrition counseling session.

For information on recipes and meal options, please see the Nutrition Recipes & Resources page.

Healthy Sexuality Coaching & Education

Meet with a professional health educator

This 45-minute coaching session will help you make changes in your lifestyle or sexual behaviors to improve your sexual health and sexuality, and increase your sexy. Partners are welcome! Topics include:

  • Erection difficulties
  • Vaginal concerns
  • STI concerns
  • Other sexuality/sexual health concerns

*To schedule a Healthy Sexuality Coaching appointment, please go to the eTang portal

Meet with a student peer educator (“sexpert”)

This 25-minute educational session will help you learn more about options available to you to support safer sex and your overall sexual health. Topics include:

  • Birth control education
  • First sexual experiences/debuts
  • Relationships and communication
  • STI/HIV education
  • How to access self-directed STI tests
  • How to access self-directed birth control orders (pill/patch/ring)

*To schedule a Healthy Sexuality Education appointmentplease go to the eTang portal