Meet the CAPS Staff

CAPS Counseling Staff

The UHS CAPS Counseling staff is a multicultural group of professional counselors and psychiatrists. Counselors include psychologists, social workers, and advanced-level trainees. We try to accommodate students’ preferences regarding counseling gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Laura Alie

Laura Alie, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Assistant Director, Hospital/High-Risk Team

Co-Chair, University Health Service's Transgender Care Team

Laura Alie (she/they) joined the UHS CAPS team in 2012 as a postdoctoral fellow and was hired as a staff psychologist in 2013. Laura received a BS in psychology from Texas Woman’s University, where she was an intercollegiate athlete, and a doctorate in psychology from John F. Kennedy University. Laura serves as co-chair of the University Health Service’s Transgender Care Team and lead for the 10 campus UC-wide Transgender/Gender Diverse (TGD) Consultation Team. In 2018 Laura received the Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award at UC Berkeley for her work with queer and TGD communities on campus. In 2019 Laura joined the CAPS management team as the Assistant Director of High-Risk & Post Hospital Treatment Programs.  Since 2007 Laura has served in multiple roles on the Executive Board for the American Psychological Association’s Division 44 (LGBTQ+ Psychology.)

Prior to becoming a psychologist Laura had a fulfilling career as an organic farmer. Laura still enjoys growing fruits and vegetables in their backyard garden, and loves spending time with family and friends in the outdoors. Laura’s dog Charlie always comes along!

Clinical Interests: Transgender/gender diverse (TGD) identity development, multicultural identity development, post-hospitalization care, first-generation college student concerns, crisis response, and creating clinical systems that reduce barriers to care.

Adisa Anderson, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Assistant Director, Grants and Special Populations Program

Adisa Anderson, PhD, is a licensed counseling psychologist who joined the UHS CAPS team in
 2014. Dr. Anderson earned his BA in Cognitive Psychology from UC Irvine and his PhD in 
Counseling Psychology from Washington State University. He completed his doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at UHS CAPS. Dr. Anderson was then hired as a senior staff psychologist
at CAPS in 2016. In 2021, Dr. Anderson transitioned into a CAPS leadership and management
 team role as the assistant director of the Grants and Special Populations Program.

Dr. Anderson has engaged in extensive efforts at UC Berkeley to promote the mental health and 
wellbeing of Black, Indigenous, POC, as well as other underserved communities. These efforts 
have been advanced by serving on numerous committees over the years including the 
Chancellor’s committee for developing an anti-racist campus framework, the Chancellor’s
 Independent Advisory Board on Police Accountability and Community Safety, Black Leadership Collective,
 Black Staff & Faculty Organization, and the African American Mental Health Team.
 Over the years, Dr. Anderson has also served at the national level in various leadership
 capacities with the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association of Black
 Psychologists (ABPSI). In 2019, Dr. Anderson was selected as the Leadership Development 
Institute Fellow for the Society of Counseling Psychology, highlighting his social justice, 
leadership, and advocacy skills, while demonstrating a commitment to promoting mental health 
and wellbeing within underserved communities.

Dr. Anderson’s clinical work and research are grounded in an integrative praxis of a liberation 
psychology framework, anti-oppression lens, and social justice philosophy. His research
 interests and publication areas include Black racial identity, equity and inclusion, psychological
 oppression, and academic persistence. Dr. Anderson specializes in providing culturally
 competent mental health services, including psychotherapy (holistic health and wellness,
 complex trauma, relationships, family of origin concerns, substance use, men’s concerns, Black, 
Indigenous, POC), consultation, group therapy, professional development workshops, and
 continuing education trainings on multicultural mental health competency, as well as social
 justice, leadership, and advocacy.

Elizabeth Aranda, PhD

Elizabeth Aranda, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Wellness Coordinator at Multicultural Community Center & bridges Multicultural Resource Center

Elizabeth Aranda joined the UHS CAPS team in 2015. She completed her undergraduate education at The University of Texas at Austin and her masters and PhD degrees in psychology at Texas Woman’s University. Dr. Aranda currently serves as the Wellness Coordinator for the Multicultural Community Center and bridges Multicultural Resource Center where she engages in culturally informed therapy that utilizes a holistic and decolonized lens. In 2018, Dr. Aranda received the Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award at UC Berkeley for her dedicated service to the campus community, and in 2016 and 2020 she was honored with Presidential Citation(s) from the National Latinx Psychological Association for her leadership centering sexual and gender diverse Latinx persons. In her free time she enjoys running, reading tarot cards, and creating new traditions with her wife. 

Dr. Aranda is committed to addressing healing and wellness within queer communities of color. Her clinical focuses within these communities include academic performance, anxiety, coping skills, family issues (challenges), identity development (race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender, and spiritual), “people-pleasing," relationship concerns, and stress management.

Bianca Barrios headshot

Bianca Barrios, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Undocumented Student Program Counselor

Bianca Barrios earned her PhD as a first-generation college student form Washington State University’s Counseling Psychology program. She joined the CAPS team in 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow and as a licensed psychologist for the Undocumented Student Program in 2019. Bianca grew up in Los Angeles County with a mixed status family. As a licensed psychologist, her areas of focus include students of color and undocumented/immigrant student college adjustment and persistence, Latinx mental health, LGBTQ affirmative therapy, and women’s concerns. She possesses an unwavering commitment to social justice and advocacy. When working with students she aims to co-create a space built on trust and compassion where students can feel comfortable bringing in all parts of themselves to begin the process of exploration, learning, and healing.

Additional Languages: Spanish

Sasha Blum

Sasha Blum, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Sasha Blum started her career at CAPS as a postdoctoral fellow in 2002. After spending three years in private practice, she joined CAPS as a staff psychologist in 2006.  Sasha received her bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Florida and her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Akron. From 2006-2016 she served as the psychologist for the Incentive Awards Program, a scholarship program for first-generation, low-income, underrepresented students. Since 2016, Sasha has served the general student population, providing both individual and group services. She has also been active in the training program and served for one year as the Interim Postdoctoral Training Coordinator. Sasha enjoys running, racing, and spending time with her friends and five children.  

Clinical Interests: Consensual non-monogamy and polyamory, sex-positive subcultures (eg., the kink community), identity development, and first-generation and low-income college students. 

Treajané Brown

Treajané T. R. Brown, MA

The University of Akron

Pronouns: she/her or they/them

Treajané T. R. Brown is currently a Counseling Psychology graduate student at The University of Akron in Ohio. She received her BA in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University and her MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of Akron. Treajané enjoys swimming, spontaneous adventures, fitness pole dancing, free-flow journaling, edible gardening, collecting .gifs, and pretending to be an Elite Yelp reviewer.

Approach: Embraces a liberatory approach to therapy, rooted in the tenants of Black Feminism. Emphasizes affirming and humanizing care that is insight-oriented, person-centered, trauma-informed, sex-positive and body inclusive. 

Prioritizes helping clients increase their sense of empowerment, agency, authenticity, and self-knowledge while developing skills needed to navigate and minimize barriers to care/wellness. Utilizes an eclectic intervention style, pulling from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Narrative, Art, Horticultural, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, and Systemic Therapies. 

Clinical Interests: Pleasure as a wellness and resistance strategy, psychopolitical wellbeing, healing and combating oppression-related trauma (specialties: misogynoir, homophobia, fatphobia, transphobia, and classism), integrative and culturally affirming psychological testing, self and community care, pre-colonial healing practices (e.g., energy healing, rootwork, and spirituality), somatic/body-centered interventions, kinky and non-monogamous relationships, Black feminist research, digital storytelling, organizational and institutional level intervention/consultation.

Don Capone, PsyD, JD

Licensed Psychologist

Haas School of Business Counselor

Don Capone (he/any), PsyD, JD, is a first-generation, queer-identified, Italian-American who grew up in NYC in a largely immigrant home. Don has lived and worked in the SF Bay Area for almost 20 years. He is a full-time staff psychologist at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business with specialized training in anxiety reduction (including mindfulness-based stress reduction), conflict resolution, and leadership wellness coaching. 

Don particularly enjoys working with students in psychology, business, and law. His counseling style is warm, curious, collaborative, culturally responsive, LGBTQI2S- affirmative, gentle but direct, humorous, and very interactive. Don is experienced in insight-oriented/dynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused approaches. He typically customizes his supportive, engaged approach to meet student’s important needs and preferences. Don’s overall goal is always to increase student’s self-awareness, help alleviate emotional burdens, improve relationships with self and others, and enhance the quality of life so that students can realize their potential at Berkeley and beyond. Wellness and success are intertwined!

Clinical interests: Couples counseling, conflict resolution, relationship challenges, cognitive-behavioral approaches to reducing anxiety, brief psychodynamic psychotherapy, LGBTQ+ stressors, strategies for managing ADHD, mental health law, coping with a loved one's mental illness, and self-esteem/body image.

Kin Ming Chan, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Kin Ming Chan, PhD, joined CAPS in 2009. He is Chinese and from Hong Kong. He received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University. His main roles in CAPS are providing counseling services for students, offering drop-in consultations, running counseling groups, and providing supervision to training staff. He is bilingual in English and Cantonese.

Clinical interests: multicultural issues, LGBTQ issues, mindfulness, unconditional self-love, and self-empowerment.

Additional Languages: Cantonese

Christine Chih-Ting Chang, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

International House Counselor

Christine Chang, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in California. Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, she received her BA in Sociology from National Taiwan University. She earned her master’s degree in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University, and her PhD in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University Chicago. She completed her doctoral internship in the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Stanford University and then joined the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at UC Berkeley as a post-doctoral fellow in 2015.
As a senior staff psychologist at CAPS now, Dr. Chang offers culturally-informed psychotherapy with specialties in anxiety, grief, family trauma, and immigrant and minority experience. In addition to psychotherapy practice, Dr. Chang has extensive experience providing clinical supervision, skill training, and mental health workshops. Recently, Dr. Chang was selected as an Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA) leadership fellow which highlights her commitment to promoting well-being in the Asian and Asian American communities.
Clinical interest: Anxiety, professional and career stress, grief & loss, family and intergenerational trauma, and well-being of international students, refugees, immigrants, adult children of immigrants, and first-generation college students.  
Additional Language: Mandarin 

Richard Chiovarelli, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Richard (he/him) is a licensed psychologist who joined the UHS CAPS team after working at several schools and universities in the Bay Area as a teacher and mental health counselor. He grew up in the Northeast of the US and moved to California for graduate school. Richard greatly enjoys supporting students through transitions and life events and assisting students in further developing their sense of identity.

One of Richard's strongest interests is helping graduate students navigate the ups and downs of life, grad school, and career development. In addition to supporting students in individual counseling, Richard has also been facilitating the Graduate Men's Support Group at CAPS since 2013. Richard has a practical, action-oriented, solution-focused, culturally responsive, interactive, and collaborative counseling style. He deeply values respect, empathy, and equity, and interweaves his empathic nature and strategic thinking into his counseling and committee work.

Clinical interests: Fulfilling one's academic/career potential, life transitions, relationship challenges, couples therapy, stress/anxiety, family issues, and multicultural counseling. 
Aaron Cohen head shot

Aaron Cohen, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Residential Life Counselor

Aaron Cohen (he/him) started at CAPS as a post doctoral fellow in 1999.  After completing his post doctoral fellowship, he was hired by the Disabled Students Program as a disability specialist from 2001-2007. In 2007, Aaron returned to CAPS and started the satellite office in Residence Life. He has been involved in supporting students after a campus crisis event as well as in outreach and consultation.

Currently, Aaron's work focuses on the UC Berkeley Global Institute for Counseling and Student Mental Health which just launched a Collegiate Mental Health Ally Certificate Program. Aaron was born and raised in Chicago and he remains loyal to all his Chicago sports teams. Go Cubbies, Bulls and Bears (both Cal and Chicago)!!! 

Clinical interests: Residential life, adjustment and transition issues, psychological first aid, psychiatric disabilities, learning disabilities, and outreach and consultation.

Peter Cornish

Peter Cornish, PhD

CAPS Director

Dr. Peter Cornish is the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at UHS and an Honorary Research Professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. His clinical and research interests include online mental health, stepped care treatments, mental health service innovations, and inter-professional team functioning. 

Over the past five years, Dr. Cornish has provided consultation and on-site training on his Stepped Care 2.0 model to over 150 organizations across North America. His nonprofit company, Stepped Care Solutions, is the lead partner on Wellness Together Canada, a federal COVID-19 $70M mental health program for all peoples of Canada. Dr. Cornish is the principal investigator for a $1.14M four-year research grant aimed at digitizing and evaluating Stepped Care 2.0 across two Canadian provinces. Currently, he is collaborating with colleagues in the US and Canada on a three-book series on Stepped Care 2.0 to be published by Springer, with the first in the series available now. 

Claytie Davis III, PhD, ABPP

Licensed Psychologist

Director of Training

Claytie Davis III, PhD, ABPP, is a board-certified Counseling Psychologist who joined the UHS CAPS team in 1999. Claytie received his PhD in Counseling Psychology from The University of Texas, Austin. Claytie is passionate about training and has served on the board of directors for the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC).  Claytie's research interests include training in supervision, application of stereotype threat theory, and ethics. He has served on the editorial boards of The Counseling Psychologist, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, and Training and Education in Professional Psychology.

Clinical interests: Multicultural counseling, supervision issues, black racial identity and mental health/academic performance, career and life development coaching, and ethics.

Yi Du, PhD 

Licensed Psychologist

Yi Du earned her PhD in counseling psychology from Iowa State University and completed her internship and post-doctoral fellowship at CAPS. At UC Berkeley, she provides individual therapy, group therapy, supervision, and outreach to a diverse student body.

Clinical interests: multicultural counseling, college adjustment, identity development, depression/anxiety, relationship concerns, emotional awareness, disordered eating and body image, career exploration, and psychological assessments.

Additional Languages: Mandarin

Rosanna Franklin

Rosanna Franklin, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Clinical Interests: Anxiety, depression, major life transitions, general overwhelm and stress, relationship and family issues, grief/loss. Approach is interactive, strength-based, utilizing mindfulness, CBT, and psychodynamic based interventions.

Denise Goitia CSW

Denise Goitia, CSW

Clinical Social Worker

Pronouns: she/her

Denise Goitia joined UHS in 2020 as a Clinical Social Worker. She was previously working for the University of Massachusetts Amherst at the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health. Denise received her BA in Anthropology from Georgetown University and her MSW from Smith College. She has a background in massage, holistic health, and herbalism. She loves supporting local farms, hiking, cooking, and riding her bike.

Clinical Interests: Trauma and resilience (EMDR trained), somatic and spiritual work, internal family systems/integrating parts work, person in community, holistic approaches including mindfulness practices, LGBTQIA+ support, anti-racism and cultural humility, international students including undocumented and refugee/asylees, couples and families, graduate students, transfer students, non-traditional aged students, feminist theory, and identity development.

Additional Languages: Spanish

Matt Goodman, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Assistant Director Quality Assurance and Research

Matt Goodman (he/him) joined the CAPS staff in 2008. Matt received a BA in Psychology from UCLA and a PhD in Counseling Psychology from University of Oregon. Matt is the manager of the CAPS Data and Quality Assurance Program. In this role he is exploring how to utilize data with heart to support the development of CAPS services that promote student wellness. Matt is excited about identifying metrics that are meaningful for students and staff, and integrating quantitative and qualitative methods into his work.

Matt’s clinical interests include working with men and emotions, exploring spirituality as a resource for wellness, and supporting students experiencing grief and loss. Matt frequently integrates mindfulness and self compassion into his work.

When not working, Matt enjoys being with his family, hiking amongst the redwoods, exploring Bay Area beaches, reading science fiction, cooking (he is especially proud of his matzah ball soup) and Jewish Meditation.

Carrie Guthrie, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Clinical Director

Carrie Guthrie, LCSW, (she/her/hers) joined UHS in 2007. She completed her BA in Psychology and Anthropology at UC Berkeley and her AM in Clinical Social Work at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. After completing a post graduate fellowship at CAPS, she worked in community mental health for 7 years in San Mateo County in an outpatient adult psychiatric clinic. During that time, she completed comprehensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and post graduate study in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Carrie returned to CAPS as the Hospital Coordinator working with students hospitalized for mental health concerns and providing general counseling services. Concurrently, Carrie worked as a foster care/adoption homestudy social worker. In 2015 she moved into a management role as the Assistant Director of Community Resource Development and High Risk Programs. Carrie transitioned to the role of Interim Clinical Director in 2017 and became the permanent Clinical Director in 2019.

When not working, Carrie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, biking, playing music, gardening, and cooking.

Clinical interests: Affect regulation, mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, young adult development, family of origin issues, relationships, multicultural counseling and intersecting identities, mindfulness, LGBTQIA+ support and identity development, mental illness early intervention and recovery, first generation students, transfer students, student parents, clinical operations and administration, clinical supervision and consultation.

Amy Honigman, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Graduate Assembly Counselor

Interests: Transitions, graduate student issues, anxiety, mindfulness and meditation, stress, wellness and resilience, diversity and belonging, and being an LGBTQ ally.
Tiffany Lin

Tiffany Hsiang Lin, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Tiffany Hsiang Lin first joined UC Berkeley as a student, receiving her BA in Ethnic Studies and Sociology. She then went on to earn her masters degrees in Social Work at Columbia University and Social Science at University of Chicago. Tiffany returned to UC Berkeley in 2015 as the first dedicated Confidential Advocate at the PATH to Care Center and later joined Counseling and Psychological Services in 2019. Currently, Tiffany serves as the designated counselor for the CAPS satellite office at the School of Social Welfare. She's also part of the UHS Transgender Care Team. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys knitting, cooking, jigsaw puzzles, and video/board games.

Clinical interests: trauma (EMDR trained), sexual/intimate partner violence, LGBTQ care, vicarious trauma and burnout, identity development, family systems, social justice, and multicultural/intersectional counseling.

Genee Jackson

Geneé Jackson, PhD, BHC

Licensed Psychologist

Interests: African American identified and underrepresented students, family of origin issues, trauma/PTSD (EMDR trained), relationship/interpersonal issues, behavioral health (BHC trained), chronic medical challenges, sleep issues, nutritional psychology, self-care/wellness, mindfulness meditation, indigenous healing practices, existential/spiritual concerns, personal growth and grief/loss.  
Strongly utilize systemic and integrative models.
Jai Jones social worker

Amber Jaiza Jones, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A. Jaiza Jones (they/she) joined the CAPS team in 2019. They completed their undergraduate education at Wesleyan University with a dual honors degree in Anthropology and African American Studies and received their master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. They went on to complete a post-graduate fellowship with the Yale School of Medicine Child Study Center. Jaiza has over 10 years of experience providing individual, group, and family therapy for historically marginalized and underserved communities.

Jaiza’s approach to clinical work is grounded in collective liberatory and social justice frameworks that consider an individual’s lived experience within their sociopolitical, cultural, and environmental context. Their practice is relational, strengths-based, and client-centered. It's informed by psychodynamic, feminist relational, family systems, mindfulness-based, trauma-informed, and cognitive behavioral therapies. Additionally, Jaiza has spent many years cultivating a mindfulness meditation practice and enjoys considering the importance that spirituality and connectedness can have as part of our collective wellbeing. In their free time, Jaiza rests and restores by reading (especially young adult science fiction), hiking, learning to play the ukulele, and dancing. 

Holly Landsbaum, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Holly Landsbaum, LCSW (she/her), joined CAPS in 2005 as a post-MSW fellow. She was hired in 2006 as the interim hospital coordinator and in 2007 as a staff counselor. Holly served on the UHS High-Risk Hospital Team for 12 year where she supported and advocated for students in crisis. She spearheaded the expansion and further development of the post-MSW fellowship program and served as its program coordinator from 2018-2021.

Holly received her BFA from the University of New Mexico and her MSW from San Francisco State University. She completed comprehensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and intensive study and consultation in contemporary relational psychodynamic theory/practice. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Holly worked in the Bay Area non-profit sector in organizations focussed on immigrant rights and community organizing. Holly’s approach to counseling is collaborative, relational, strengths-based, justice-oriented, and focuses on centering students' personal goals and values and the cultural and sociopolitical contexts of our lives. 

Clinical interests:.Anxiety, depression, adjustments and transitions, grief and loss, family issues, integration of therapeutic approaches including mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral modalities (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy/DBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/ACT), and contemporary relational psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Jeff Lee, LCSW

Jeff Lee, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jeff Lee (he/him) grew up in the Bay Area and is a 5th generation Asian American. He comes from a background in community mental health and NPOs, with previous experiences working with emancipated foster youth, homeless populations, and the AAPI community.

Clinical interests: anxiety, holistic wellness, adjustments/transition, identity development, and sports psychology.

Paige Lee, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

After graduating from UC Berkeley and working for the last 30+ years in various roles as a college adviser in both the College of Letters and Science and a psychologist in CAPS, Paige understands the unique pressures that API students endure while trying to attain a first-rate education at a large, public institution. It's her hope to help humanize the counseling experience and be of support to those students who may have encountered the same struggles and challenges that she had faced when she was a student at UC Berkeley.

Clinical interests: Cross-cultural counseling, academic, career, student development, family of origin issues, alcohol and drug use, and crisis intervention.

Karen Lee Tsugawa, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Clinical Coordinator, Referral Coordinator

Karen Lee Tsugawa, LMFT joined the CAPS team in 2008. Karen graduated from UCLA with a major in Psychology and minor in Applied Developmental Psychology and then received her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University in Chicago. Karen is originally from Hong Kong and grew up in Southern California. 

She currently sees individuals and couples for counseling at CAPS and enjoys working with the diverse student population at UC Berkeley. Karen is currently serving a dual role as the CAPS Clinical Coordinator assisting with day-to-day clinical operations and various projects supporting our clinical programs, and as the CAPS Referral Coordinator serving as a liaison to therapists and psychiatrists in the community.

Clinical interests: Mental health, college adjustment, transitions, relationship issues, family dynamics, multicultural identities, and Asian/Asian American identity development.

Chris McLean, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Assistant Director, Career and Academic Programs

Chris joined CAPS in 1994 after completing a PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Minnesota. He manages career development programs which include holistic individual career counseling, career assessments, and a collection of resources to support student academic and career planning in the Career Counseling Library. Chris is also a mental health liaison to Cal athletics. He has expertise in performance psychology and uses a culturally-affirming and strengths based approach to promote personal growth and professional development of university students, high performance athletes, and adults in career transition. Chris received a Chancellor's Outstanding Service Award in 2014 for contributions as a founding planning committee member for UC Berkeley's inaugural NOW Career Development Conference.  

Clinical Interests:  Multicultural counseling, academic and career development, college student mental health and wellness, first generation college students, clinical supervision and training 

Cynthia Medina, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Interests: Integration of mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive-behavioral interventions for reducing depression and anxiety, family of origin issues, attachment, relationship concerns, career development, Latina/o mental health and academic persistence, multicultural identity development, sports psychology, discrimination and microaggression, and working with underrepresented student communities (students of color, undocumented, LGBTQ, first-generation, transfer).

Additional Languages: Spanish

Raquel Miller LCSW CAPS

Raquel Castellanos Miller, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Raquel Castellanos Miller, LCSW, worked at MarinHealth in the IOP program prior to joining UHS, and, before that, she resided in Montana for 27 years. After Raquel received her MSW from the University of Montana in 2015, she worked for 4 years at the Flathead Indian Reservation as a school social worker and in a private practice. 

Raquel enjoys hiking, outdoor activities, and has been focused on her engagement in Tibetan Buddhism for over 20 years. She’s served on the Dharmata Foundation Board of Directors in Richmond, CA and as the Development Director for Ewam Garden of 1,000 Buddhas in Montana, a project dedicated to the religious and cultural preservation of Tibetan Buddhism. She enjoys attending meditation retreats.

Additionally, Raquel founded Women Make Movies Missoula, a feminist film festival, and the Family Law Advice Clinic, a project of Montana Legal Services. She co-founded Working for Equality and Economic Liberation (WEEL), a grassroots organization addressing economic justice for low-income families, and founded the Western Region Welfare Activist Network, a twelve-state coalition of grassroots organizations focused on economic justice for low-income families. 

Raquel was an adjunct professor at the University of Montana’s School of Social Work where she served as the field supervisor for MSW candidates. Years later, she also taught MSW: Psychopathology and BSW: Interventions with Individuals and Families. Raquel was awarded the YWCA of Missoula Excellence Award for Empowerment of Women (2005) and has co-authored "Working for Equality and Economic Liberation: Advocacy and Education for Welfare Reform,” in the Affiliate Journal of Women and Social Work.

Clinical interests: Trauma-informed care, mindfulness-based therapies (ACT, DBT, MBSR, CBT), and resilience and strengths focus approach. Raquel trained in a Native American developed group process for healing generational and historical trauma (Healing Broken Hearts) and in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. She enjoy group psychotherapy and working with clients of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

Additional Languages: Spanish

Kusha Murarka, PsyD

Kusha Murarka, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Kusha (she/her) is a licensed clinical psychologist who joined the UHS CAPS team in 2017 after working at Roosevelt University in Chicago for 8 years. She received her PsyD at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 2007. Kusha loves working with university students using a culturally centered and intersectional social identity lens. She has worked with university students across the US since 2005 and enjoys providing counseling, group therapy, and outreach to students as well as supervision and training to mental health professionals. She is currently the SSWANA wellness counselor providing support and advocacy for this population on campus. In her free time, she stays active indoors and outdoors with her family through cooking, singing, dancing, hiking, dining al fresca, and running after her two young sons.

Clinical interests: Multicultural counseling, inclusion, identity development, family of origin, relationship and interpersonal concerns, SSWANA mental health, immigrant families, low socioeconomic backgrounds, depression, suicide prevention, social anxiety, alcohol abuse, group therapy, wellness, balance, and graduate student life.

Veronica Orozco

Veronica Orozco, PhD

Licensed Psychologist 

Satellite Office Coordinator

Interests: Resilience of Latina/o and first-generation students, low income, underrepresented, and undocumented students, adjustment issues, anxiety, depression, career development, loss and grief, relationship concerns, family of origin issues, and being an LGBTQ ally.

Additional Languages: Spanish

Alyssa Panyawai

Alyssa Panyawai, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

Interim Referral Coordinator

Alyssa (she/her/hers) is a Thai-Filipino American who spent most of her childhood growing up in Bangkok, Thailand. She joined CAPS in 2017. Alyssa provides counseling and serves as the interim referral coordinator, supporting students in navigating finding a provider off-campus and serving as a liaison to mental health providers in the community. 

Diane Pena

Diana Peña, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Undocumented Student Program Counselor

Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence Counselor

Diana Peña (she/they), received their PhD as a first-generation college student from the University of Oregon and joined the CAPS team in 2013. Diana coordinates the Undocumented Student Program’s mental health services at UC Berkeley, providing counseling support to undocumented students and consultation to the campus at large. 

As a queer Chicanx psychologist who applies Liberation Psychology and Social Justice frameworks to practice, their areas of focus include undocumented student resilience, LGBTQ-affirming therapy, spirituality, and somatic/body-centered healing. Diana stands on the shoulders of her Mexican immigrant parents and is committed to decolonizing mental health practices in the service of Black, Indigenous, Undocumented and POC communities.

Clinical interests: Immigrant and undocumented student mental health, QTPOC-affirmative therapy, spirituality, Latinx family health, grief and loss, chronic health conditions, mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Additional Languages: Spanish

Junichi Shimaoka

Junichi Shimaoka, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Junichi joined the CAPS team in 2019. Prior to joining UHS, Junichi was a CAPS psychologist at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Michigan. He received his PsyD from Widener University and serves on the board of the Association for College Counseling Center Outreach. Junichi is passionate about Balinese Gamelan music and he’s a beginner rock climber. He used to volunteer to raise/train service dog puppies!

Clinical interests: Social/cultural/personal identity issues of all types (race/ethnicity, LGBTQIA+, immigration/national origin, ability status, etc.), Asian Pacific Islander/Desi-American communities, couples and relationship concerns, outreach/prevention/community engagement, grad students, international students, and other marginalized and underserved students.

Additional Languages: Japanese

Sam Tourek, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Sam joined the CAPS team in 2013. He received his MA from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, and his PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Sam completed his doctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship training at UHS. His approach to therapy is dynamic and experiential in nature and uses existential psychotherapy, attachment style, multiculturalism, and emotional content to help clients develop a deeper understanding of self and others. Sam enjoys working with clients to explore patterns in relationships to make changes in the interest of growth.

Sam is particularly interested in working within the athletics community at UC Berkeley. As a former student-athlete, Sam understands the unique challenges of being both a scholar and an athlete, and he commits a significant portion of his time as a CAPS counselor to working with student-athletes, coaches, and trainers to help students and teams thrive while at UC Berkeley. Sam's doctoral dissertation examined multicultural competence and mindfulness in the therapeutic process, and he runs the mindfulness meditation group nearly every semester. Sam also enjoys developing relationships with campus partners and communities and working to ensure that underserved populations at UC Berkeley get their needs met to the fullest extent possible. In his spare time, Sam enjoys playing sports (most often baseball and golf), hiking and camping, and doing crossword puzzles.

Clinical interests and campus partnerships: Working with student-athletes (injury, performance, retirement, etc), mindfulness meditation, men’s issues, existential psychotherapy, multicultural competence in counseling, attachment, and brief/accelerated and experiential psychodynamic psychotherapies. Sam is the liaison to the Athletics Department and to the Cal Band, and holds Let's Talk drop-in hours (virtually and/or at César Chávez Student Center).

Chiyon Won

Chiyon Won, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Chiyon joined the CAPS team in 2010. Prior to joining UHS, Chiyon was working as a staff psychologist at UC Davis. She received her PsyD from Biola University and “aspires” to be an outdoor enthusiast! You can find her wandering and walking around on various hiking trails on the weekends, working on her fly fishing casting, or trying on gear at REI when a big sale is going on. 

Clinical interests: Psychodynamic psychotherapy, family of origin issues, immigration and children of immigrants, religion and non-binary gender issues, LGBTQ ally, API student concerns, and first-generation college students.

Additional Languages: Korean

Linda Zaruba, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Berkeley Law School Counselor

Dr. Zaruba was a first generation college student who majored in education and dance at Miami University in Ohio. She received her MA in Counseling from the University of Colorado and her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Zaruba has worked at UHS for the past couple decades in many different roles. She's currently the psychologist at Berkeley Law School. Dr. Zaruba has also facilitated the Graduate Women’s Support group for the past 15 years.

Dr. Zaruba’s counseling style is collaborative, culturally responsive, engaging and focused on helping clients meet their goals with an eclectic tool box of interventions — mindfulness, CBT, trauma-informed, family systems, and humor to name a few.

Clinical interests: Couples counseling, multicultural factors, family relationship challenges, graduate students' academic and personal concerns, body image, eating disorders and career and work struggles.

Christine Zhou, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Director of Operations, UC Berkeley Global Institute for Counseling and Student Mental Health  

College of Engineering Satellite Office Coordinating Counselor

Shuangmei (Christine) Zhou joined CAPS in the summer of 2012. She received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota, completed her internship at UCLA CAPS, and her post-doc at UC Berkeley CAPS. She was a staff psychologist at Michigan State University for three years before returning to Berkeley. Christine is the lead psychologist coordinating the CAPS satellite office at the College of Engineering (CoE). She has been working with CoE since 2012, providing counseling to students and consultations for faculty and staff. Christine also directs the Global Institute for Counseling and Student Mental Health where CAPS staff collaborate with partners both nationally and internationally. In her role as director she's been conducting research and  providing training and consultation on the latest topics related to college students mental health. 

Clinical interests: multicultural counseling, working with underserved/marginalized populations, working with science and engineering students, international students and AAPI students.

Additional Languages: Mandarin Chinese

Doctoral Psychology Interns

Ed Garnes, MA

Edward Garnes, MA

Ed Garnes, MA, is a Doctoral Psychology Intern from the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK), where he has served as a Graduate Diversity Enhancement Fellow, Chancellor’s Fellow, and Communication Dept. Guest Lecturer. He has also worked as a mentor/tutor at UTK’s Athletics Student Life Center. His practicum and internships include individual, family, and group experiences at Pellissippi State Community College and Cornerstone of Recovery. Garnes is currently a tenure track Instructor of Psychology at Pellissippi State and his social justice practicum How to Eat Chicken Wings, Battle Injustice and Graduate On Time was implemented as part of Pellissippi State’s diversity strategic plan.

Garne’s research and clinical interests include gendered racism towards Black men, racial perceptions of protest, career development among athletes, multicultural and social justice issues, mental health promotion and community outreach, and racial and ethnic identity development. His current dissertation research seeks to determine the impact of negative racial experiences on college satisfaction, resilience, assimilation, and mental health of Black men (athletes & non-athletes) at predominantly white institutions.

For his work in the areas of hip hop, Black identity, manhood, and popular culture, Garnes has appeared on the cover of Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine, in Black Enterprise Magazine, and on CNN’s Headline News, Sirius Radio, CBS Radio, and He is featured in the documentary film series Elementary Genocide and can also be seen in the BET documentary Killer Curves, which examines hip hop’s musical influences on Black women’s body image.

Nolan Krueger, MA

Nolan Krueger, MA

Nolan Krueger (he/him) is completing his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin (UT). He received his BS in Clinical Psychology at the University of California, San Diego and his MA in Counseling at the University of Texas at Austin.

Nolan identifies as Multiracial Black and his interests include strengths-based identity development (racial, sexual, gender, etc.) relational/interpersonal concerns, liberatory healing through critical resistance and radical hope, holistic career counseling, creativity, and decolonized praxis. His clinical approach is guided by cultural humility and interpersonal/relational authenticity.

Nolan’s research at UT investigates Multiracial identity and the various health effects of Multiracial-specific phenomena on both psychological well-being and behavioral health for Mixed-race individuals. Additionally, his research examines minority status stressors and psychosocial experiences impacting Black students in higher education.  Nolan is also engaged in prison abolition scholar-activism with an emphasis on higher education in correctional settings. While in Austin, he was involved in the Texas Prison Education Initiative where he taught UT-accredited coursework at Lockhart State Prison.

Every summer, Nolan joins a group of life-long friends for outdoor adventures that include backpacking and whitewater rafting. These adventures have included excursions into the Olympic National Rainforest, the Sawtooth Wilderness, Marble Mountain Wilderness, Mt. Lassen National Park, and Sequoia National Park.

Maritza Yvette Duran, MSW

Maritza Yvette Duran, MSW

Maritza Yvette Duran (she/her/ella) is currently working on her PhD in Counseling Psychology at the University of Georgia. She received her BA in Sociology and Chicano/Latino studies at UC Irvine and her MSW at the University of Michigan. 

In Bakersfield, CA, Maritza worked as a bilingual foster care social worker. In Athens, GA, she provided bilingual therapy in a number of settings, working primarily with monolingual, undocumented Latinx community members. Meanwhile in Athens, she also taught yoga as a certified instructor.

Maritza was raised in McFarland, CA, and is very passionate about the environmental racism and the economic and racial disparities from that area. Raised in a single-parent, immigrant household, Maritza is a first-generation college graduate. Her clinical interests are working with Latinx, BIPOC and first-generation college students. Other clinical interests include trauma, complex trauma, inter-generational trauma, anxiety, and depression. She also hopes to work with students to re-imagine what healing means to them.

Maritza explains, “I am interested in the embodiment of mental health, especially within communities of color as trauma is often stored in the body. I am interested in centering the healing of minoritized communities as a form of resistance and justice.”

Away from school and work, Maritza enjoys reading for fun and spending time with family and friends, especially doing outdoor activities: running, yoga, eating, and lounging.

Postdoctoral Psychology Fellows

Monica Becerra, PhD

Paul Eastman

Paul Eastman, PhD

Florida State University

Paul Eastman received his PhD in Counseling and School Psychology at Florida State University. He received his BA in Psychology from the University of West Florida and his MS/EdS in Mental Health Counseling from Florida State University. Prior to joining UHS, he was most recently a practicum trainee at FSU’s counseling center and a student supervisor at FSU’s Human Services Center. In his spare time, Paul enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, digital photography, running, and video games.

Clinical interests: Emotion regulation, LGBTQIA+ support, identity development, self esteem, interpersonal relationship concerns, family of origin concerns, trauma, grief, anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD, group therapy, and integrative psychotherapy with a multicultural and systemic lens. 

Emily El-Oqlah, PhD

Jevon Rice

Jevon Rice, PsyD

Alliant International University San Francisco

Jevon Rice received her  PsyD in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University San Francisco. She received her MS in Counseling Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and her MA in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University SF Bay Area. Prior to joining UHS, she was a practicum counselor at San Jose State University. 

Jevon was awarded the Student Leadership Honorarium (’20, Alameda Counseling Psychological Association) and the Social Justice Award (’18, American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University SF Bay Area). She also earned the APA NIDA Travel Grant from the National Institute for Drug Abuse in both 2017 and 2018. Jevon received the Dean Scholarship (’16, American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University SF Bay Area) and served on the Alameda County Board of Directors from 2018-20. 

Jevon enjoys crafting/DIY, comics, sci-fi, social justice engagement, pop culture, karaoke, board games, outdoor markets, exploring new places, socializing with others, music and cultural festivals, and learning about new music and making playlists. She’s an aunt to furry nephews (yorkie and poodle/dachshund/terrier) and the godmother to the best little girl in the world.

Post-MSW Clinical Social Work Fellows

Sarah Abbas, MSW, ASW

Sarah Abbas, MSW, ASW

Sarah Abbas (she/her), MSW, ASW is a 1st year Post-MSW Clinical Social Work Fellow, having received her Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She received her BA in Psychology from Oakland University. Sarah is an awardee and member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, and The National Honor Society of Leadership and Success. She completed her clinical social work internship in a federally qualified health center, providing outpatient substance use services and integrated behavioral health care.

Sarah’s clinical interests include integrative mental health and wellness, anxiety and mood disorders, holistic care, trauma-informed care, mindfulness-based therapies, adventure therapy, experiential therapy, nature therapy, laughter therapy, and interpersonal therapy. She’s also interested in substance use treatment and harm reduction, intersectional identity development, women’s health and healing, social justice, community preventive services, support, and outreach and BIPOC, SSWANA, and Muslim mental health and well-being. 

Hailing from Dearborn, MI, Sarah enjoys taking scenic drives, going on road trips, exploring nature trails, kayaking, camping, and dabbling in art.

Angelica Yi, MSW, ASW

Angelica Yi, MSW, ASW

Pronouns: she/her/hers and they/them/theirs

Angelica Yi, MSW, ASW, is a 1st year Post-MSW Clinical Social Work Fellow. She received her MSW from Cal State LA and a BA in Gender Studies from UCLA. 

Angelica’s clinical interests include decolonizing therapy, strengths-based therapy, harm-reduction therapy, intersectional/multicultural counseling, LGBTQ+ identity and related concerns, API/Asian American identity, disordered eating/eating disorders, body image, self-compassion, religion and spirituality (particularly Christian faith), perfectionism, self-care, and mindfulness.  She has worked as a mental health counselor at a middle school in East LA and as an adult outpatient clinician within the Department of Mental Health in LA County. 

Angelica identifies as a queer and bisexual, second-generation Korean American person. She has experience facilitating spaces for those who identify as LGBTQ+, Christian, and POC (predominantly API communities).

Angelica loves cultivating creativity daily through playing guitar and piano, singing, and dancing. She also enjoys staying active, cooking, baking, and reading. In her spare time, you can find her exploring local farmers’ markets, thrift stores, parks, and libraries.

2nd Year Post-MSW Clinical Social Work Fellows

Madeleine Kannan

Madeleine Kannan, MSW, ASW

Arizona State University

Madeleine Kannan (she/her/hers) received her BA in Psychology and Creative Writing from the University of Colorado, Boulder and her MSW from Arizona State University. Prior to joining UHS, she worked as an adult outpatient clinician within a community mental health clinic and a crisis intervention specialist at a crisis line. Madeleine identifies as a cisgender, queer, mixed race woman. She enjoys creative outlets centering art, writing, and music. 

Clinical interests: social justice oriented counseling, intersectional identity development, trauma/resiliency, expressive arts, South Asian-American identity, capacity building with LGBTQ+ students and students of color.

Darius Taylor

Darius Taylor, MSW, ASW

Loyola University Chicago

Darius Taylor received his BA in Professional Studies in Psychology (with a concentration in Mindfulness, Meditation, and Relaxation) from Roosevelt University and his MSW (with a Mental Health Specialization and focus on Substance Use and Addiction) from Loyola University Chicago. Before joining UHS, Darius worked at a dual-diagnosis substance use and mental health treatment facility in Chicago facilitating groups and doing individual therapy with clients. Prior to that, he worked at Catholic Charities in Refugee Resettlement as a case manager.

Darius is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys lifting, running, and biking weekly. He loves reading academic literature around psychology, spirituality, health, and wealth building, and science-fiction and supernatural young adult fiction are my favorite genres for pleasure. His favorite podcasts at the moment are Decolonize Social Work, Today Explained, and The Daily.

Clinical Interests: Harm reduction therapy, alcohol and other drugs counseling, multicultural/intersecting identity issues, and LGBTQ+ issues, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders.


Molly Anderson, NP

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Molly Anderson, NP, joined the UHS Psychiatry team in 2012. She received her BA in English Literature from Dartmouth College and her MS in Nursing from Yale School of Nursing. Her current interests include strength training, cooking, and spending time in nature.

Clinical interests: Mood and anxiety disorders, women's health, integrative approaches.

Read Molly's Staff Highlight

Mark Choa, MD


Mark Choa, MD, joined the UHS Psychiatry team in 2014. He is a Cal Bear (class of 2004) and he trained in psychiatry at UC Davis. He enjoys hanging out with his family and dog, camping in the desert, and playing guitar.

Clinical Interests: Collaborating with students in considering or managing meds while also supporting personal growth and healthy life habits (sleep, exercise, nutrition, nature, creativity and artistic expression, social connections), working with students who hear voices or have other unusual experiences, working with students of color and LGBTQ+ individuals, mixed race/multiracial identity development, supporting resilience and recovery from trauma, psychoanalytic therapy, parenthood. 

Danielle Davidson LCSW

Danielle Davidson, LCSW

Psychiatry Care Manager

Danielle Davidson, LCSW, joined UHS in 2020 as the Psychiatry Care Manager. Danielle has previously worked with unhoused veterans at the Oakland VA and also as a clinical social worker at Citywide, a UCSF Department of Psychiatry community mental health program. She received her BA from Brandeis University and her MSW from UC Berkeley. Danielle enjoys making art (painting, printmaking, and pottery), coastal California road trips, biking around Berkeley, live music, and spending time with family and friends.

Clinical interests: Holistic wellbeing of traditionally underserved groups, addressing complex trauma using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), navigating challenging transitions including grief and loss, resilience and early intervention for psychosis, family, relationships and intergenerational trauma, immigrant, refugee and first-generation students, drug and alcohol use, harm reduction approaches, advocacy and mental health support for people with disabilities, and housing/homeless issues.

Additional Languages: Spanish

Ron Elson, MD


Dr. Ron Elson joined the UHS Psychiatry team as the Chief of Psychiatry in 1994 and now serves as staff psychiatrist. He received his MD from the University of Maryland and his MPH from UC Berkeley (Health Policy and Planning). Ron interned in Medicine at Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago. He completed residencies at UC San Francisco (Psychiatry) and at UC Berkeley and the US Public Health Service (Public Health and Preventive Medicine). Ron is board certified in both Psychiatry and in Preventive Medicine. He was a Fellow in the Career Development Program in Global Community Health.

Ron is on the editorial board of the Berkeley Wellness Letter, a leading online and print resource for evidence-based wellness information. He is also on the board of Bay Psychiatric Associates, the largest psychiatry group in the East Bay. For many years Ron was on the UC Berkeley faculty and the director of a graduate Doctor of Mental Health Program. He has lectured and organized training in many areas of psychiatry and mental health.

Clinical interests: Anxiety and depression. The importance of emotions and the integration of psychodynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral areas when considering medication. Meditation/mindfulness. Art, writing and issues related to creativity. Normative life and developmental issues — particularly in relation to academic work, and graduate student issues.

Teray Kunishi

Teray Kunishi, RN, ND

Psychiatry Intern

Teray joined UHS in 2021 for a PMHNP internship. Prior to joining UHS, Teray was practicing as a licensed naturopathic doctor in Berkeley and becoming a parent. She received her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines and her naturopathic medicine education from Bastyr University in Seattle. 

Teray is currently working on her Masters Entry Nursing Program at UCSF. She loves singing, going on hikes with family and friends, and growing orchids. Teray is currently reading sci-fi and fantasy with non-male leads in non-Western settings. She has a clinical interest in chronic pain and illness and how it intersects with mood and behavior, integrative mental health, psychedelic therapy, and mind/body medicine.

Additional languages: Tagalog

Veronica Lopez

Veronica Lopez, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Veronica Lopez joined the UHS Psychiatry team in 2017. She received her BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz and her MS in Nursing from UC San Francisco. She has a total of 20+ years working in various mental health settings and roles including outpatient community mental health, residential facilities, inpatient psychiatry, emergency psychiatry, and emergency room/hospital psychiatric consultation. She is currently serving as a board member for a community mental health organization and volunteers with asylum seekers. 

Clinical Interests: First generation college students, underrepresented populations, experiences with psychosis or unusual, alternative states, trauma, crisis work, and students accessing mental health support for the first time that are uncertain and curious about the role that psychiatry can have in their mental health journey.

Additional Languages: Spanish

Maria Cristina Mendoza head shot

Maria Cristina Mendoza, MD


Interests: Phase of life and role transitions, cross- and multicultural issues in mental health, neuropsychiatry and neurocognitive disorders, integrative psychiatry, anxiety and mood disorders, trauma recovery, Jungian and psychodynamic schools of psychotherapy, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Aurora Ortiz, NP

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Aurora Ortiz (she/her), joined the UHS Psychiatry team in 2016. She received her Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of California, San Francisco. In addition to her role at CAPS, Aurora provides psychiatric services to children and adolescents, and clinical training to nurse practitioner students at La Clinica de la Raza in Oakland.

Her clinical interests include Latinx mental health, immigrant mental health, transgender mental health, complex trauma, ADHD, and integrative mental health. A Bay Area native, Aurora also lived and worked in Italy for several years. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, dancing, reading, cooking, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

Additional Languages: Spanish and Italian

Kristine Panik, MD

Psychiatry Director

Kristi Panik, MD, joined the UHS Psychiatry team in 2008. She received her MD from the University of South Florida and her General Adult and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry training from the UC Irvine Medical Center. Kristi has been the Psychiatry Director since 2017. She loves hiking and listening to live music. Regular yoga and meditation are an important part of her life.

Clinical interests: Holistic approaches for cultivating psychological wellness, incorporating mindfulness and meditation practices within treatment framework, transitioning off psychiatric medications, and autism and other developmental issues.


Sameera Saddiqi, MD

Sameera Saddiqi, MD


Sameera Saddiqi, MD, joined the UHS Psychiatry team in 2020 after completing a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at UCLA. Sameera completed her undergraduate education at the University of Texas, Austin, received her MD from Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Medicine, and completed a Psychiatry Residency at Baylor College of Medicine. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, working out, and traveling.

Clinical Interests: Mood and anxiety disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, prevention and early intervention, minority mental health, and a holistic approach to care. 

Sharon Smart, MD


Sharon Smart joined the UHS psychiatry team in 2016. She received her MD and PhD (Pharmacology) from the University of Washington in Seattle and completed her residency in Adult Psychiatry at UCSF in 2002. Before UHS, she worked with a team focusing on psychosis treatment and then for 12 years supporting victims of violent crime at the UCSF/SFGH Trauma Recovery Center. She enjoys reading, running and hiking, and time with her family and cats.

Clinical interests: Trauma responses, mood and anxiety disorders, psychosis, interactions between sleep and mental health, understanding compassion-focused interventions and impact on wellbeing and resilience. 

Brandon Vance

Brandon Vance, MD


Brandon Vance joined the UHS Psychiatry team in 2018. In addition to working at UHS, he also runs a psychotherapy and integrative psychiatry private practice, supervises community psychiatric nurse practitioners, and occasionally works in county psychiatric inpatient wards.

Brandon received his MD from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and completed his psychiatry residency at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Brandon co-founded a hip-hop social justice music group, the Justice Arts Collective, where he composes and plays. The group's music video won first place at the My Hero International Film Festival in 2017.

Clinical interests: Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, integrative medicine, cross-cultural and trans-cultural psychiatry, accelerated response therapy, and hypnotherapy.

CAPS Administrative Staff

Nancy Aguilar

Nancy Aguilar

Administrative Assistant

Additional Languages: Spanish

Charmaine Harris

Administrative Assistant

Charmaine Harris joined CAPS in 2013 after working for three years as a clinical assistant with UHS. Her role in CAPS includes providing support to students, staff and faculty, completing ergonomic evaluations for CAPS staff, and assisting with staff scheduling. Charmaine graduated from Cal State East Bay in 2015 with a degree in Human Development. She loves spending time with family/friends, listening to music, reading, playing cards, going on nature walks, and traveling.

Valerie Luluquisen

Administrative Assistant

Valerie joined UHS in 2009 after working in the travel industry for 27 years. At UHS she worked in HR, Social Services, and volunteered at the information desk and Administration before joining the CAPS department in 2013. Valerie loves walking by the beach, hiking, cooking, baking, and crocheting.

Lalita Magaro

Mental Health Scheduling Coordinator

Katie Morasco head shot

Katie McCrory

Administrative Assistant

Katie joined the UHS CAPS team in 2017. She is currently working on her BS in Psychology from Oregon State University and will graduate in the Spring of 2021. In addition to providing support for students, staff, and faculty, Katie serves as the administrative coordinator for the Post-MSW Fellowship committee, as well as the scheduling assistant to the CAPS director. She enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Michele Swide Lew

Administrative Assistant
Michele Swide Lew joined CAPS in 1992. Her main role is student services and triage where she ensures students are getting timely appointments scheduled same-day or beyond. Michele graduated from UC Berkeley with an English degree and enjoys water coloring, writing, and anything vintage.
JoAnn Torres head shot

JoAnn Torres

Business & Operations Manager

Career Counseling Library Staff

Chris Garcia, BS

Administrative Lead

Chris Garcia joined the CAPS Career Counseling team in 2011. He received his BS from St. Mary's College of California. His role at UHS includes connecting students with career-related resources and managing the personality and interest assessments. He enjoys sports, video games and graphic art. 
Kate Zuby

Kate Zuby, MS

Career Counseling Outreach Coordinator

Kate Zuby joined the CAPS Career Counseling team in 2018. She received her Master's degree in College Student Personnel Counseling in 2017 from San Francisco State University. Her role at UHS includes working with students, alumni, and community members to provide career exploration support for individuals struggling with career indecision.

Kate has over six years of experience working in various educational settings as an undergraduate advisor, program coordinator, and career counselor providing one-on-one assistance and resources to individuals seeking career services.

Career Counseling Interns

Janelle Webster, BS

Career Counseling Intern Janelle Webster (she/her) attends graduate school at St. Mary’s College of California, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy and Higher Education and Student Affairs. She received her Bachelor’s degree in finance from Brigham Young University. 

Some of Janelle’s passions include creating safe spaces for spirituality and religion on college campuses; this extends to working with clients on LGBTQIIA+ issues, particularly within a religious or spiritual context. She helps people gain awareness of their personal value system to guide them into a career path that best matches their personality, goals, and needs.

Janelle has worked as a teacher, a bonds broker, and a real estate broker. She has also volunteered with many local nonprofits, including Jewish Family & Community Services in rehoming Afghan refugees. In that role, she also assisted Afghan families in learning basic English, navigating public transportation, and using the U.S. monetary system. The service organization also gathered supplies to furnish temporary housing for refugees from around the world.

Janelle celebrates 21 years of marriage and has four children. She has three daughters and her oldest child is nonbinary. Along with her family, Janelle loves to boat on the California Delta, ski at Bear Valley, and host dinner parties.

Gaurie Mittal, MA

Career Counseling Intern Gaurie Mittal (she/her) is a doctoral graduate student working on her PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute, where she also received her Master’s in Psychology. She received her BS in Psychology at Duke University. 

Previously, Gaurie was a CAPS intern at Mills College, providing therapy for students. She also has experience working with high school students and with adults ages 18 and over. Her clinical interests include college counseling and combatting stigma in the South Asian community.

Gaurie loves dancing to Indian music. She grew up watching Bollywood movies and listening to Bollywood songs, which translated into her love of Bollywood dance. Though she hasn’t gotten a chance to dance recently, she was on two Indian dance teams in college and can’t wait for the opportunity to dance again!

Julia Diskin, BA

Julia Diskin (she/her) is a CAPS Career Counseling Intern attending San Francisco State University where she is working on her Master’s degree in Counseling, specializing in College Counseling. At SF State she is also attending the Equity and Justice-Focused Integrated Behavioral Health Counselor Training Program. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley.

Julia loves to make lei, play board games, and pretend to be a sports color commentator.