Requests for Documentation

At times, students may need documentation of services received at CAPS to support withdrawal from classes, arrangements with financial aid, accommodations through the Disabled Students Program, and academic accommodations from instructors.

While it is generally not CAPS policy to write letters, counselors can provide other forms of documentation when appropriate. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) can provide the following documentation for current and/or previous clients: 

  • Confirmation of Visit(s) 
  • Verification of Illness
  • Certification of Psychological Disability. 

If you have never been seen at CAPS, we are not the best source of support for your petition and may not be able to provide the specific documentation you need. Professors and committees generally only view documentation favorably when provided by a professional with whom you have an established working relationship. 

Follow the steps below to obtain documentation. 

Step 1: Request documentation

  • Confirmation of Visit: You may ask your provider for a Confirmation of Visit form, which is official documentation indicating the dates that you received CAPS services. This can be shared with a professor who requests proof that you have been seen in CAPS or University Health Services. If you have seen a counselor during an urgent drop-in session or for only 1 session, this may be the only documentation that CAPS can provide. 
  • Verification of Illness: For petitions or academic accommodations, a Confirmation of Visit form is typically not adequate. In these cases, you will likely need a Verification of Illness form from a provider with whom you have an established working relationship. The Verification of Illness (VOI) form establishes that you have previously worked with (or are currently being seen by) a provider at CAPS. and the VOI provides information regarding the impact of your medical condition on your academic performance. (Typically, students have been seen for 2 or more sessions at CAPS before a counselor has enough information to complete this form). Please tell your provider why you need the form and share complete contact information for the recipient. If your provider is no longer on staff at CAPS, please talk to the front desk staff so that CAPS can determine who on staff is in the best position to provide the documentation.
  • Certification of Psychological Disability: This form is used by the Disabled Students Program to document the mental health issues that a student is struggling with and the specific areas of academic functioning that are impacted. Similar to the Verification of Illness form, counselors typically need to see a student for 2 or more visits to provide this type of documentation.  
  • Documentation for emotional support animals: Students who have a documented disability may seek a letter from a CAPS counselor if the counselor has been working with the student. With enough advance notice, it is at the discretion of the counselor to provide such a letter. 

Step 2: Provide authorization 

  • Submit a release of information request through the eTang Patient Portal. See the step-by-step release of information instructions.
  • CAPS cannot release any information about you without your signed authorization. You may retrieve your letter or documentation when you sign the ROI provided it is available at that time.

Please note 

  • Allow 3 -5 business days to process documentation requests. CAPS counselors are exceptionally busy and may have limited administrative time to complete your request.
  • For copies of mental health treatment records, see Medical Records.
  • CAPS does not keep records beyond 7 years.