Meet the SHIP Staff

Michelle Alvarez

Insurance Claims Specialist/Cashier

Michelle Alvarez joined the UHS SHIP team in 2015. She originally joined UHS in November 2002 as a pharmacy clerk and moved to the Cashier's Office with Business Operations from 2005-2015. Her current role as an Insurance Claims Specialist/Cashier includes taking in payments, sending out claims to SHIP insurance, billing, providing pricing for students and staff, answering billing questions, and much more.

Michelle enjoys working with students and explaining to them how services and billing works here at UHS so that they understand what they're being billed for. She enjoys her time outside of UHS relaxing at home with her dog, Fluffy, and her son. Michelle loves unexpected visits from her daughter when she has time in between working two jobs and going to school.

Sheila Edwards

Sheila Edwards

Enrollment and Waiver Coordinator

Sheila Edwards joined the SHIP team in 2008 and handles the challenging job of waivers and enrollments for dependents. She received her BA in Social Work from San Jose State University. Sheila also has experience working with teenage parents at the Cal Learn program in Alameda County. She’s also previously worked at Contra Costa Housing Authority (Section 8). When not at UHS, Sheila enjoys hanging out with her husband and three kids. They’re usually at golf, baseball, soccer, or dance. Sheila loves Disneyland and traveling to new destinations.

Aimee Jacques

Aimee Jacques

Insurance Case Coordinator and Benefits Supervisor

Aimee Jacques joined the UHS SHIP team in 2012. She previously worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan before moving to California with her family. As a case coordinator, Aimee handles complex cases for students who need assistance. She enjoys helping students navigate the insurance world and also educating them along the way. Aimee is also a member of the UHS Trans Care team where she assists students with their benefits and insurance needs. She enjoys spending time with her family when not at work.
Erica McCray

Erica McCray

Benefits and Health Records Representative

Erica McCray joined the SHIP team in 2019. Prior to joining UHS, Erica was working at Optum Behavioral Health as an Eligibility Research Analyst. She enjoys watching documentary films, cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family.
Stephanie Probst

Stephanie Probst

Revenue Cycle and Cashier Supervisor

Stephanie has been in the health care field since 1999. She’s worked for a variety of health care companies including DME suppliers, private practices, billing services, and medical service organizations. Stephanie was even the program director for a medical billing/coding and health care administrative program at a national career college. She received her AA in Science.

Stephanie has two wonderful children and a pug named Dexter. She enjoys watching football - especially the San Francisco 49ers. Her favorite thing to do in her spare time is cook and try new recipes. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, going to farmer markets and festivals.

Claiborne Sibley SHIP staff

Claiborne Sibley

Benefits Representative

Claiborne has been part of the SHIP team since 2012. Prior to joining UHS, he was a representative at Blue Shield of California. Clai enjoys the opportunities for outreach when it comes to educating students on the Berkeley SHIP benefits and how to access them. Outside of SHIP, he enjoys dancing, listening to podcasts, working out, and spending time with close friends and family.
Minnie Tobias SHIP

Minnie Tobias

Customer Service Representative

Minnie Tobias joined the SHIP team in 2020. She received her AS in Health Care Administration and previously worked in an SF periodontal office as a doctor-patient coordinator. Minnie enjoys spending time with her two sons, singing, hiking, going to theme parks, and watching action-packed films.

Amelia Torres

Amelia Torres

Benefits Representative

Amelia Torres began her career at UHS in 1997 in the Health Records department. She joined the SHIP team in 2012. Amelia enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband, her two daughters, and her friends.

Warren Whitfield SHIP

Warren Whitfield

Insurance Manager

Warren Whitfield joined the UHS SHIP team in 2014 as the Insurance Case Coordinator. Within two years he was promoted to the Supervisor of Billing and Cashiering for Berkeley SHIP. In October of 2020, Warren accepted the position of Insurance Office Manager. Prior to working at Tang, Warren spent over 13 years with University Hospitals of Cleveland as a supervisor of claims processing and the billing supervisor for their 7 hospitals. Warren moved back to his birthplace, Oakland, in 2012 where he worked at Laguna Honda Rehab as the billing supervisor and Genentech as a case manager before starting with the University of California, Berkeley. Warren enjoys golf, painting by numbers, and reading. Warren is the father of three grown children and grandfather to three grandchildren with one set of twins. He also loves hanging out with his girlfriend and her niece. 

Mary Ann Zhao

Mary Ann Zhao

Patient Navigator

Mary Ann Zhao joined the SHIP team in 2013. As a patient navigator, she works with students who have complex care needs or chronic conditions requiring proactive case coordination. She received her BA in Public Health from UC Berkeley.

Additional Languages: Cantonese