About Eat Well Berkeley


To ensure the availability of healthier food and beverage options throughout the UC Berkeley campus and campus community to support students, staff, faculty, and visitors. 

What makes it 2.0?

Eat Well Berkeley includes everything related to a healthy food environment on campus, and version 2.0 now includes the new Food and Beverage Choices Policy. Previously, Eat Well Berkeley partners (caterers, restaurants, retail, and snack vending) labeled healthy options using the Eat Well Berkeley checkmark. Now partners can do even more to help create a healthy campus environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice. Eat Well Berkeley helps ensure healthy options are available in the places below.

Restaurants, Retail, and Concessions

Healthy food and beverage options are available at most campus restaurants, retail markets, and athletic concessions booths.

Food and Beverage Choices Policy - Many campus restaurants, retail markets, and athletics concessions are required to make healthy options accessible under the Food and Beverage Choices Policy, effective January 1, 2019. Some restaurants on and off campus that are not covered by the policy to participate may choose to do so voluntarily. View our List of Participants.

How Can I Participate?

Vendors: Visit our Eat Well Berkeley Restaurants and Retail page to find out how you can become an Eat Well Berkeley partner. This process may involve adding a few healthy choices, adjusting your beverage product mix, and/or using simple strategies to promote the healthier choice. Our nutrition staff is here to help.

Customers: As students, staff, faculty, and visitors, we can also help make our campus environment healthier. 

  • Look for healthy choices on campus. Support businesses that offer healthy options.
  • Give feedback to the vendor
  • Give feedback to us 

Meetings and Events

What Are the Requirements for Meetings and Events?

Per the Food and Beverage Choices Policy:

When University funds are used to purchase food or beverages for University meetings and events:

  • Nutritious and sustainable choices should be included as outlined in the Healthy Meeting and Event Guide
  • Water, preferably in bulk rather than single-use bottles, must be offered when beverages are offered. 

Learn more:


What Are the Vending Requirements? Per the Food and Beverage Choices policy, a minimum of 50% of the choices offered in food vending machines and 70% must be healthier options. Learn more about vending requirements.

Vending Issues - For money lost in vending machines, machines needing to be filled, or an item improperly labeled, please use the contact information provided on the machine.