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Eat Well Berkeley Vending

Per the Food and Beverage Choices policy, a minimum of 50% of the choices offered in food and beverage vending machines must be healthier options, effective January 1, 2019. This policy aligns with the UC systemwide Healthy Vending Guidelines. Be Well at Work - Wellness Program partners with ASUC, RSSP, and Canteen Vending to provide healthier choices. 

FAQs - University of California Healthy Vending Guidelines

Remember, a healthy diet is rich in whole, fresh foods and limited in processed snack foods.


Snack Vending

Nutritional Standards for Snack Vending:

Canteen Vending stocks a minimum of 50% of snack product meeting the UC Berkeley Food & Beverage Choices Policy criteria, similar to SB912: Healthy Options in State Vending Machines. 

  • ≤250 calories per serving with at least one option of 100 calories or less.
  • ≤35% of total calories from fat (≤10 grams of total fat)
  • ≤10% of total calories from saturated fat (or ≤3 grams of saturated fat).
  • No trans fats.
  • ≤35% total weight from sugar (or ≤20 grams of sugar)
  • ≤360 mg sodium per serving.

In addition, the first ingredient must be a fruit, vegeteble, low-fat dairy, protein or whole grain in healthier options. 


The following are exempt from all requirements except the total calorie requirement: Nuts, nut butters (such as peanut butter), seeds, legumes (beans), eggs, cheese, and fruit/vegetables that have not been deep fried and do not contain added sugars and/or fat.

Choice Plus Products

Look for the Choice Plus label in snack machines.

As a general rule of thumb, aim for whole, minimally processed foods such as nuts or unsweetened trail mix. 

 Mr. Nature almonds, Mr. Nature unsalted trail mix, and Planter's peanuts

Choice Plus Product List 

These products are identified in the vending machines by Choice Plus markers. 

Please note: these items may not be available in all vending machines.

    Beverage Vending

    Nutritional Standards for Beverage Vending

    The UC Berkeley Food & Beverage Choices Policy requires beverage vending machines (managed by Pepsi) to be stocked at 50% or greater with Healtier Beverages, effective January 1, 2019. However, this only applies once a contract/lease is signed or renewed after 1/1/19.

    Food & Beverage Choices Policy - Beverage Vending Requirements

    • Vending machines selling bottles, cans, and packaged beverages will stock machines and have visible selection buttons with “Healthier Beverages”* at 50% or greater, and “Sugar-Sweetened and Less Healthy Beverages”* at 50% or less.
    • Caloric beverages which do not follow healthier beverage standards must not exceed 20 fluid ounces in size.
    • Energy drinks and energy-type beverage products with caffeine as an additive ingredient sold in bottles, cans, and/or other packaging are limited to ≤ 71 milligrams of caffeine per 12 fluid ounces.

    *Healthier Beverages defined for bottled/canned/packaged beverages

    • Water: unflavored with no added caloric sweeteners (caloric or non-caloric); includes still, carbonated, or mineral.
    • Low-calorie beverages: zero-calorie and low-calorie diet and other beverages at ≤ 40 calories per 8 fluid ounces.
    • Juice: 100% fruit or vegetable juice or juice blends, with no added sweetener (caloric or noncaloric), carbonated or still; and vegetable juices ≤ 230 milligrams of sodium.
    • Juice beverage: 100% fruit juice or vegetable juice or juice blends diluted with water, with no added sweetener (caloric or non-caloric), carbonated or still.
    • Milk: nonfat or low fat (1%), unflavored, and unsweetened.
    • Plant-derived or non-dairy milk: (i.e. soy, rice, almond), unflavored, unsweetened, and Vitamin D and calcium fortified;
    • Supplemental protein/nutrition beverages with no added caloric sweeteners (e.g., protein drinks, nutrition shakes).
    • Teas/coffees, unsweetened with only naturally occurring caffeine. 

    Sugar-Sweetened and Less Healthy Beverages defined for bottled/canned/packaged beverages

    • Sodas, including all carbonated beverages, with added sugar.
    • Fruit juice drinks or elixirs including all fruit drinks, fruit juices, and fruit nectars with added sugar.
    • All other drinks with added sugar and exceeding the calorie limit under Healthier Beverages, including but not limited to sports drinks, energy drinks, sweetened coffee/tea drinks, protein drinks, sugar-sweetened and flavored teas, waters, coconut waters, rice drinks, bean beverages, sugar cane beverages, horchata, and nonalcoholic wine/malt beverages.

    Contact Information

    • For money lost in vending machines: please contact the phone number listed on the machines.
    • To provide feedback regarding vending, Eat Well Berkeley, or the Food & Beverage Choices policy, complete this form.