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University Health Services, Tang Center

2222 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA 94720-4300

The Tang Center is located on Bancroft Way at the southwest corner of campus, between Ellsworth and Fulton (Oxford) Streets. See campus map. For more about how to get to the UHS Tang Center, see our Directions page.

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Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2023

"Advancing Access & Equity"

Be Well at Work, Disability Management, is proud to support National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). Held each October, NDEAM aims to educate about disability employment issues and celebrate the many and varied contributions of America's workers with disabilities. Throughout the month, we'll be engaging in a variety of activities to educate our Employees, Faculty and Staff  on disability employment issues and the role they play in fostering an equitable and inclusive work culture.

TIPS for creating and sustaining an inclusive TEAM: Strive to incorporate as many of these ideas into your area over the next 31 days. 

Upcoming Events this October

Disability Management: Navigating the Process

Tuesday, October 3rd, Noon - 1 pm via Zoom

Speaker: Mary Kelly, M.S., C.R.C., CPDM, CLMS, Be Well at Work Disability Management

This presentation provides an overview of the disability management process from the employee point of view. This course covers the resources on campus to be utilized when it becomes evident that some assistance is needed. Whether a student employee, Part-time or Full-time, Postdoc, Faculty or Staff, we will discuss how to access disability related resources and requirements of the process. This is a one-hour presentation over the lunch hour with an additional period provided for questions and answers. This is open to all and those needing accommodations are strongly encouraged to email the presenter with requests in advance of the presentation. This presentation meets the requirement for the ADA Title II Self-Evaluation Section: Hiring and Employment


Creativity and Your Well-Being: Canvas Painting

Wednesday, October 4th, 12:10 - 1 pm, University Health Services, Section Club Room

Speaker: Carla Jackson & Kim Guess, Be Well at Work Wellness

Engaging in creative activities (as part of, or outside of our work), allows us to be more productive, balanced, and calm in everyday life. Creative activities can lower your blood pressure, decrease stress, improve your immune system, and increase your ability to be more productive. Learn two beginner-friendly painting techniques, then choose one (or both!) to try out on your own canvas to take home. No prior painting experience necessary. Supplies will be provided.


Breastfeeding Your Baby: Return to Work/School

Thursday, October 5th, 1 pm - 4:15 pm via Zoom

Speaker:Tina Benitez/Tomas Handelsman 

This 3 hour class is taught by a certified lactation consultant and is broken up into two parts.The first portion of the class, 1-3pm, addresses breastfeeding
basics and problem solving. The second portion of class, 3:15-4:15pm, covers returning-to-work planning and breast pumps. Those who have already
attended a breastfeeding class are welcome to join the last portion of the class.


Walking for Energy and Injury Prevention

Friday, October 6th, 12:10 pm - 12 pm, Edward Stadium

Speaker: Tomas Handelsman, Be Well at Work Wellness

Looking for a way to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine? Come join our walking for energy and injury relief exercise class here on campus! This guided, group class will incorporate various body weight exercises and is a great way to get more steps in throughout the day. It is also a proven method that increases physical fitness, reduces injury risk factors, and improves overall cardiovascular health. All fitness levels and abilities are encouraged to join. Comfortable running/training shoes are highly recommended.


Computer Health Matters: Campus and Remote Work

Wednesday, October 11th, 10 - 11 am, University Health Services, Section Club Room

Speaker: Greg Ryan, Campus Ergonomist, Be Well at Work Ergonomics

Learn how to set up a user-friendly workstation and practice stretches to help relieve computer-related aches and pains. This workshop is required to qualify for computer ergonomics matching funds. (This is the in-person version of the required online ergo training offered for accessibility/accomodation needs).


Disability Management: Understanding the Process

Wednesday, October 11th, 9 am - 12 pm via Zoom

Speaker: Mary Kelly, M.S., C.R.C., CPDM, CLMS, Be Well at Work Disability Management

This virtual workshop provides an Interactive, as well as informative look into the process of Disability Management. During our workshop we will use Scenario-based instruction to teach and reinforce subjects such as the Interactive Process; Essential Job Functions; Reading and analyzing Work Status notes; Transition back to work and Effectiveness of Accommodation(s) and documentation. We will refer to foundational concepts framed by University policy related to disability; State and Federal laws and leverage the ‘Stay at Work’ and ‘Return to Work’ program models, in order to practice developing plans which support the accommodation needs of our employees with disabilities. This is part one of a two-part workshop, and the successful completion of a follow-up assignment is required. Please bring your Burning Questions and a willingness to engage with your peer learners during the workshop. We look forward to meeting you! This presentation meets the requirement for the ADA Title II Self-Evaluation Section: Hiring and Employment


Clutter & Hoarding: Supporting a Loved One

Thursday, October 12th, Noon - 1:30 pm via Zoom

Speaker: Kathleen Crombie, MA., M.Ed. 

This workshop will address different scenarios when clutter or hoarding behaviors become challenging. Skills to make changes will be presented to help overwhelm when faced with clutter or hoarding. Learn how to support a loved one while maintaining your own sanity.
Discussion of how and when to get professional help. Resources to help will be shared.

Cook Well Berkeley: Cooking on a Budget

Thursday, October 12th, 12:10 - 1 pm, University Health Services, Section Club Room

Speaker: Kim Guess, Be Well at Work Wellness

Eating well doesn’t have to cost a lot. Learn to prepare flavorful meals using affordable and simple ingredients with a long shelf life. You can stock up on these ingredients when you find a good deal and you’ll be ready to throw these recipes together anytime you’d like. Demonstration, recipes, and samples provided.


Yoga for Tension and Stress Relief

Friday, October 13th, 12:10 - 1 pm, via Zoom

Speaker: Laurie Ferris

Practicing yoga can release tension in your joints, give you greater range of motion, and offer increased comfort in all aspects of your life. Learn basic yoga poses and breathing techniques to transform your practice into a moving meditation. Comfortable clothing and bare feet recommended.


Pre-Approved Ergo. Products: Furniture & Accessories

Tuesday, October 17th, 11 am - Noon, University Health Servivces, Class of 42'

Speakers: Greg Ryan & Nathaniel Chung, Campus Ergonomists, Be Well at Work Ergonomics

Learn more about the preapproved products covered by the Computer Ergonomics Matching Funds Program.


Disability Management II: A Deeper Dive

Wednesday, October 18th, 9 am - 12:30 pm via Zoom

Speakers: Mary Kelly, M.S., C.R.C., CPDM, CLMS, Be Well at Work Disability Management

This virtual workshop is a hands-on continuation and application of concepts learned in the Disability Management: Understanding the Process workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to work through 'real' case scenarios, suggested by participants, we will... - Do detailed analysis of work restrictions - Identify need for accommodation including leave as an accommodation - Follow the life of an employee's disability accommodation through return to work - Explore the features of Worker's Compensation claims and impact on return to/stay at work; accepted/denied claim designations and permanent restrictions - Learn, identify, define, and prepare for next steps when all attempts at accommodation are exhausted, including reassignment. This presentation meets the requirement for the ADA Title II Self-Evaluation Section: Hiring and Employment


Transitioning Back After Baby Bonding Leave

Thursday, October 26th, Noon - 12:50 pm, via Zoom

Speakers: Karen Patchell, Elliott DiTusa, Mary Kelly, Greg Ryan - Be Well at Work Faculty/Staff Health Programs

For both birth and non-birth parents, the transition back to work after baby bonding leave can feel overwhelming. It can be filled with a vast array of emotions, concerns, and limitations, not to mention demanding and conflicting schedules.

Join us for this virtual panel workshop focused on understanding both positive and negative emotions related to this transition, how to establish boundaries at work, benefits and accommodations available to working parents, ergonomic strategies for multiple workstations, and self-care resources to help ease the physical and mental pressure associated with working while caregiving for a young child.


Perfectionism in the Workplace

Tuesday, October 31st, Noon - 1 pm, via Zoom

Speaker: Kiran Johl, LCSW, Be Well at Work Employee Assistance

Perfectionism is commonly understood as striving for flawlessness, and is often part of the culture of academic settings. This workshop explores types of perfectionism and how it manifests in individuals and in workplaces. Systemic factors, their intersection with specific groups such as women and BIPOC communities, and the disproportionate impact on mental health are discussed. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of staff and management, as well as those who identify as perfectionists and those who may be impacted by others’ perfectionism in the workplace. Strategies for enacting positive change on individual and systemic levels are highlighted.


Faculty and Staff Monthly Meditation

Wedneday, October 4th, 12:15 - 12:45 pm, First Floor of Sproul Hall, Room 103 A

Thursday, October 19th, 2 pm - 2:20 pm, via Zoom

Speakers: Julie Resnik & Karen Patchell, Be Well at Work

The regular practice of mindfulness meditation has a demonstrable impact on psychological and physical health, improving mood, decreasing stress, strengthening the immune system, and supporting sleep.

Be Well at Work Employee Assistance and Work/Life invites faculty and staff to join us for a monthly meditation group which will offer a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation during the work day. Each month will focus on a beneficial intention to guide us.

Email kpatchell@berkeley.edu for zoom link and bCal Scheduling

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