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Chapter 2: When Injury or Illness Occurs at Work

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Step 1: Seek medical care

Emergency Care (serious injury, threatening to life or limb)

  • Dial 911 or 510-642-3333 for campus police
    Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) and Disability Management must be immediately notified if injury results in fatality, inpatient hospitalization, loss of any body part, or possible permanent disfigurement.  

Acute Care (non-emergency): 

 Direct employee to the designated occupational medicine clinic    

  • UHS Urgent Care - Call (510) 642-3188, including first-aid care
  • Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job®- Oakland Medical Center (510)752-1244
  • Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job®- Richmond Medical Center (510) 307-1560  
  • UHS Occupational Health (510) 642-6891 By appointment only (If medical care is needed after clinic hours, please direct the employee to Alta Bates Medical Center's Emergency Room (2450 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley) or the emergency facility of their healthcare plan)

Step 2: Manage or remove any identified hazard

Investigate the accident and address the problem.

  • Do NOT discard equipment or furnishings that are suspected to have caused an injury, and:
  • Remove the equipment from the service
  • Tag the equipment for identification;  date, location, and related incident details
  • Contact EH&S (510)-642-3073 for inspection.  

Step 3: Report the Injury or Illness (IIR)

Within ONE working day of your knowledge, report the work-related injury or illness through the online Employer's First Report (IIR) system.

Step 4: Address payroll issues

The coordination of payroll issues related to Workers' Compensation is mainly handled through UC Path. To ensure prompt and accurate payment of benefits, if your employee loses time from work (beyond the date of injury), please contact Disability Management:

  • Jocelyn Dorsey (510) 643-9403 (last names beginning with A-L)
  • Kathy Wong (510) 643-6921 (last names beginning with M-Z).

Step 5: Follow up

If off work, remain in contact with your employee. Request your employee provide an updated work status form/report, following every appointment with Occupational health. Communicate with your employee when you receive the updated work status information, discuss the department's ability to accommodate the work restrictions, and allow the employee to provide their input as to how the work may be performed within the stated work restrictions. 

Discuss possible accommodations, if necessary, when your employee is medically able to return to work.

  • Document accommodation discussions
  • Consider alternate tasks that may facilitate a return to work (continuously)
  • When your employee returns to work, immediately inform Disability Management.
  • If you need assistance with reasonable accommodations, contact Disability Management.

Employee Personnel Files

To protect the employee’s privacy, any documents that relate to an injury or disability must be kept in a separate (locked) file from the rest of an employee’s personnel file. Further guidance can be found in People and Culture's Personnel File Guidelines-Medical file