Faculty/Staff Disability Management

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TO ENROLL (UC Berkeley Faculty and Staff)

Log into the UC Learning Center, type the exact workshop title or class code (in parentheses) into the search bar, and select register.

Please note that the upcoming workshops listed below are being held virtually on Zoom.  

Disability Management Workshops

Disability Management: Navigating the Process

Speaker: Mary Kelly, M.S., C.R.C., CLMS, Be Well at Work Disability Management

This presentation provides an overview of the disability management process from the employee's point of view. This course covers the resources on campus to be utilized when it becomes evident that some assistance is needed. Whether a student employee, Part-time or Full-time, Postdoc, Faculty, or Staff, we will discuss how to access disability-related resources and the requirements of the process. This is a one-hour presentation over the lunch hour with an additional period provided for questions and answers. This is open to all and those needing accommodations are strongly encouraged to email the presenter with requests in advance of the presentation. 

Disability Management: Understanding the Process  **For Managers and Supervisors Only**

Speaker: Mary Kelly, M.S., C.R.C., CLMS, Be Well at Work Disability Management 

This virtual workshop provides an Interactive, as well as informative look into the process of Disability Management. During our workshop we will use Scenario-based instruction to teach and reinforce subjects such as the Interactive Process; Essential Job Functions; Reading and analyzing Work Status notes; Transition back to work and Effectiveness of Accommodation(s) and documentation. We will refer to foundational concepts framed by University policy related to disability; State and Federal laws and leverage the ‘Stay at Work’ and ‘Return to Work’ program models, in order to practice developing plans which support the accommodation needs of our employees with disabilities. This is part one of a two-part workshop, and the successful completion of a follow-up assignment is required. Please bring your Burning Questions and a willingness to engage with your peer learners during the workshop. We look forward to meeting you! 

Disability Management II: A Deeper Dive  **For Managers and Supervisors Only**

Speaker: Mary Kelly, M.S., C.R.C., CLMS, Be Well at Work Disability Management 

This virtual workshop provides an in-depth, hands-on application of concepts learned in the Disability Management: Understanding the Process workshop. In this virtual workshop, participants will have the opportunity to walk through ‘real’ case scenarios, as suggested by our participants. We will engage and carry out a detailed analysis of work restrictions; Identify the need for accommodation, including leave as an accommodation; Follow the life of an employee’s disability accommodation through to return to work; Explore the features of Worker's Compensation claims and the impact of a return to/stay at work; accepted/denied claim designations and permanent work restrictions; Learn, identify, define and prepare for next steps when all attempts at accommodation have been exhausted, including reassignment.

Prerequisite to this course: successful completion of Disability Management: Understanding the Process 18 months previous (max)   

Departmental Training

Individualized departmental training tailored around any number of disability management topics. If interested, contact Disability Management