Faculty/Staff Disability Management

How to Report a Work-Related Injury or Illness

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To report a work-related injury or illness, use the online Injury and Illness Reporting Tool (IIR).

IIR is an online incident management system that allows UC supervisors, administrators, and department representatives to submit, monitor, and resolve initial causes and verify that corrective actions have been taken to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use the IIR system, please see the guides listed in the Resources section.

IIR Supporting Resources:

IIR Training Guide - Part 1: Injury Reporting

IIR Training Guide - Part 2: Employer Investigation

For assistance, contact Be Well at Work-Disability Management at (510) 643-7921

Serious Injuries/Illnesses and Fatalities

Call 911 in the event of a serious injury or illness.

Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) must be notified immediately in case of fatality or serious injury (inpatient hospitalization, loss of any member of the body, or permanent disfigurement) by calling (510) 642-3073. If the serious injury occurs after hours, EH&S should be notified via the UC Police Department.