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Berkeley Walks

Walking is fun, free, and an easy way to build physical activity into your day. Faculty and Staff Wellness supports you with these Berkeley Walks resources and encourages you to get your steps in around campus with your colleagues. For more motivation read the American Council on Exercise 52 Fun Facts About Walking

Start a Berkeley Walks! Walking Group in your Department 

Organize a group within your department and energize your work day with a 15, 20, or 30-minute walk or movement break. Check out some of the resources and campus routes below for ways you can get started!

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Details of each route
View or print a copy of each route's map.

 Perimeter Lower Walking Route Details  Perimeter Upper  Bear Walk  Full Perimeter Walks
Perimeter - Lower Perimeter - Upper  Nature Walk Bear Walk Perimeter - Total

Tools and Tips for Successful Walking

Be Well at Work-Wellness Program recommends the following resources before beginning your walking program to help you lead an active lifestyle. You will find educational materials covering various topics such as pedometers and tracking devices, fitness walking techniques, warm-up and cool-down stretches, exercise planning, injury prevention, and finding your target heart rate. Learn more about these walking and physical activity resources.   

Fitness Trackers, Pedometers, and Tracking Tools

Wear a Tracking Device and Record Your Activity and Steps: 

*Note - this is not an endorsement for any fitness tracker brand. We recommend you do your research and choose the tracker that best meets your needs.  

Campus Walking Events

UC Moves - Each year during Staff Appreciation Week, UC Berkeley faculty and staff celebrate the system-wide UC Moves event to raise awareness for committing to move for a minimum of 30 minutes a day as part of National Employee Health and Fitness Month. In 2023, UC Berkeley had over 450 staff and faculty participate in the mental and movement break.  Participants enjoyed the fun event featuring dancing, prizes, great giveaways, and more. 

Learn more at our Campus Walking Events page. 

2024 UC Moves Systemwide Challenge: Spring Into Motion

Represent UC Berkeley in the 2024 UC systemwide, 4-week movement and activity challenge! Registration opens on April 22 and the challenge runs from May 6-31. This challenge is a great way to get yourself and your colleagues moving more! Participate throughout the month of May and be entered to win raffles as well as team and individual prizes along the way! 

See the challenge flyer for more information! 

Exercise for a Cause in Your Community

Exercise with a purpose to help raise awareness. Find a local event where you can move to help fund research, provide services and so much more: