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Berkeley Walks

Walking is fun, free and an easy way to build physical activity into your day. Faculty and Staff Wellness supports you with these Berkeley Walks programs and resources. For more motivation read the American Council on Exercise 52 Fun Facts About Walking.

Berkeley Walks! Walking Group

***The redesigned Berkeley Walks! Walking Group will safely resume in Spring 2022. Look for more information coming soon.***

The Berkeley Walks! Walking Group helps you fit fitness into your workday every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a 30 minute walk starting at the Campanile. Led by CPR-certified volunteer Walking Leaders, walkers are guided through designated walking routes each week.The Walking Group accommodates all levels of fitness walkers from moderate to brisk. Enjoy the benefits of social support, stress relief and renewed energy.

How to join the Walking Group

Step 1: Complete the Walking Group Waiver prior to attending the first organized walk.

Step 2: Join the Walking Group at (Days/Locations Coming Soon!) at 12:10 p.m.

Tools and Tips for Successful Walking

Be Well at Work-Wellness Program recommends the following resources prior to beginning your walking program and to help you lead an active lifestyle. You will find educational materials covering various topics such as pedometer and tracking devices, fitness walking techniques, warm-up and cool-down stretches, exercise planning, injury prevention and finding your target heart rate. Learn more about these walking and physical activity resources.

Pedometers, Tracking Tools, and Tracking Devices

Wear a Tracking Device and Record Your Steps

Campus Walking Routes

Walking Route Card
For the walking route card: view, print your own copy, or request a hard copy (contact wellnessfactstaff@berkeley.edu).

Walking Route Card Front   Walking Route Card Back

(Front)                (Back)

Details of each route
View or print your own copy of each route's map.

 Perimeter Lower

Perimeter - Lower

 Perimeter Upper

Perimeter - Upper

Walking Route Details

Nature Walk

 Bear Walk

Bear Walk

 Full Perimeter Walks

Perimeter - Total

Campus Walking Events

UC Walks: Cal Walks at Work Day

Each year during Staff Appreciation Week, UC Berkeley faculty and staff celebrate the system-wide UC Walks event to raise awareness for committing to walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day as part of National Employee Health and Fitness Month. In 2015, UC Berkeley had over 600 staff and faculty walk independently or with their campus colleagues from four campus locations for a total of over 20,000 minutes or 1,300 miles.

Learn more and register for UC Walks: Cal Walks at Work Day.

Annual Cal for the Cure Cancer Awareness Walk

The Cal for the Cure Cancer Awareness walk is held in honor and support of colleagues, loved ones, friends and others who have been touched by cancer. This walk is led by Be Well at Work-Wellness Program walking group leaders and attendees enjoy performances by Cal Cheerleaders, Oski and the Straw Hat band.

Learn more about Cal for the Cure.

Walk for a Cause in Your Community

Put your legs to good use and support a health cause. By participating in a local walk campaign you will help to raise awareness, fund research, help https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X9BXHBZprovide services and more.