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PartySafe@Cal advocates improving party culture and social benefits by decreasing problems related to alcohol.

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Goals, Principles, and Results


"We aim to reduce alcohol-related risks and harm in the campus area. Our efforts operate simultaneously to reach individual students, the student body as a whole, and the greater college community. Use our toolkits, workshops and consultation services for party throwers and goers to keep it social, not slurred."


We're guided by the following principles:

  1. Collaboration and Synergy – We partners with multiple campus, city, state, and national organizations;
  2. Data-Driven and Evidenced-Based Strategies - We use ongoing data collection to examine our assets and challenges and chose strategies to address our unique campus alcohol-related risks and harm;
  3. Harm Reduction/Risk Management - We accept, for better and for worse, that underage alcohol and substance use is part of our current campus culture and that there are personal and community alcohol practices that are clearly safer than others;
  4. Environmental Risk Management - Approaches target individual drinkers with information and treatment, while necessary, leave intact the environmental conditions that drive the appeal and availability of alcohol - virtually ensuring that the culture continues. Environmental risk management unapologetically seeks to address the social, economic, legal, academic, physical and other factors that shape the alcohol culture for all members of the community;
  5. Student and other Stakeholder Engagement – We all have a stake in preventing and practicing effective bystander intervention with high-risk alcohol behaviors, situations, and settings. We help all community members optimize their interests, skills, and availability.

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    Our approach is yielding positive results!



    Consultation & Education for PartyGoers and PartyThrowers - Faculty, staff, students, and community can email partysafe@berkeley.edu with non-emergency questions, concerns or observations about your or campus events and culture. We'll collaborate to explore and engage relevant resources and actions for change.

    Campaigns & Initiatives

    Our House

    Our House campaign logoOur House, Our Rules, Our Responsibility 

    We want less drama and problems related to alcohol.
    We need to publicly advocate for a party culture that is world-class. We want to make it obvious to any student attending a Berkeley party that we keep it social - not slurred - and that health and safety are a top priority if problems arise.

    AlcoholEdu for College, Sanctions and Ongoing Students

    Implementing scalable and student-tailored alcohol and other drug prevention education across our campus is a challenge. Berkeley uses Alcohol Edu to ensure every new student receives a base level education on alcohol, cannabis, and e-cigarettes. Whether they are abstainers, moderate drinkers, or heavy drinkers, each student receives relevant content, personalized feedback and practical strategies that are appropriate for their needs. Check out an overview video to see why over 550 campuses are using AlcoholEdu for College.

    AlcoholEdu for College Overview Video

      Happy Neighbors

      Happy Neighbors educates students and their neighbors about community expectations, relevant policies and laws, and police and student conduct procedures for possible alcohol, party, and noise-related violations. Happy Neighbors messages are promoted through the use of various media and outreach methods, often in partnership with PartySafe@Cal and the ASUC.

      Hydration Hype Squads, Huddles, and Water Stations

      Hydration Hype Squads, Huddles and Stations - Peer Advocates offer free water, snacks, giveaways and PartySafe tips at resource stations on key party nights and game days. 

      PartySafe Awards

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      Campus & Community Coalitions for Strategic Planning

      PartySafe@Cal professional staff and peer advocates partner year-round with others who share our Goals and Guiding Principles. Each of the following meets regularly to foster communication, spot trends, proactively coordinate efforts, and demonstrate a visible commitment to reducing student risk: CERC Subcommittee on Student Risk; First 8; Student Neighbor Advisory Committee; Ad Hoc Committee on RSO Student Risk

      Be yourself. Don't assume or overestimate how much others drink.
      Avoid trouble. Respect community policies and expectations.
      Keep it social, not slurred. Control the alcohol
      Don't let small problems become big. See something, do something.
      Get the good without the bad. Make a plan. Stick to it.