PartySafe@Cal advocates improving party culture and social benefits by decreasing problems related to alcohol.

PartySafe flyerAlcohol and Party Risk Management Education

Use our toolkits, workshops and consultation services for party throwers and goers to keep it social, not slurred. Don’t let small problems become big ones, especially since they are 100% avoidable. Be alert and know how to slow them down, cut them off, get them home and call for medical assistance.

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Coalition Building and Strategic Planning

We convene ongoing roundtables and work with student leaders, campus staff and community partners and neighbors to reflect on current strengths and concerns, prioritize actions for drinking and party social change, and line up the resources to succeed. Check out this semester's Student Alcohol Roundtable dates and other coalition building activities.

Social Marketing and Outreach

We create and use a variety of media to reach and engage students online, at events and on the street, such as Late Night and Game Day Huddles, block parties, and an annual awards party. Check out this semester's Pregame Huddle dates, view our Student Graphics Kit and access our social media.


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Emergency: call 911

Emergency from cell: (510) 642-3333

Emergency Warning Signs and Steps

I Party Safe: and here's how I do it

I Party Safe and I'm Proud [Subtitles]

Be yourself

Avoid trouble

Don't let small problems become big

Get the good without the bad

Keep it social, not slurred