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How do I make friends at Berkeley?

How do I make and keep friends on such a big campus?

Connection Cafe - Program Archive

From advice, articles, and information on friends, family, and flings, The Cafe has it all. So pull up a seat, grab a cup, take a sip, and start reading.

The Connection Cafe was previously known as the Love Cafe. The name was changed to emphasize that the Connection Cafe is about all types of relationships, not just romantic ones.

This UHS program is no longer active but the advice is still relevant to many UC Berkeley students, so check it out!

Will my friend forget about me?!

May 4, 2018
My friend is getting into a relationship and I am very happy for her but I am afraid that we will not be as close as we used to be. What should I do?

Can't Get Him Off My Mind

April 27, 2018
I dated this guy over a year ago and I still miss him. I tried to forget about him but the thought of him always remains in the back of my mind. What should I do?

Stay in the Bay After Graduation?

April 13, 2018
I’m graduating this May and I want to stay in the Bay Area. I’m happy here since all my friends are here and I just love the area. But my parents want me to go back to the East Coast. I’m looking at job options and everything that I’m interested in is in the bay, but I don’t want to disappoint my parents either since I do care about them. Any thoughts?

Long distance love losing steam

April 6, 2018
I've been dating my long-distance boyfriend for a while now, about 10 months. We started dating during the last few months of high school. I see him about once every month for a weekend or so. I feel like I've lost the physical attraction, but he has a very attractive personality/character that I would be sad to lose. He's my best friend. When we kiss, I don't feel the spark anymore though. And the sex was never really satisfying for me. I know it's satisfying for him and that he isn't losing the physical or emotional attraction. What should I do? We'll be within a 5-minute drive of each other during the summer, but it's a long-distance relationship during the school year.

Tag-along Roommate

March 9, 2018
My roommate is always trying to tag along with me and my friends. I'm cool with them coming sometimes since I know he doesn't have a lot of friends, but I really want to spend time with my friends without him being there. Is there any way I can let him know without being rude?