Have a fun night with fewer problems related to alcohol.

We need to publicly advocate for a party culture that is world class. We want to make it obvious to any student attending a Berkeley party that we keep it social - not slurred - and that health and safety are a top priority if problems arise.

Why #OurHouse?

During Fall of 2014, the UC Berkeley community suffered too many alcohol and party-related problems, including three student deaths and multiple hospital transports, injuries, and public nuisance violations. This is unacceptable for a world-class university and students are leading the call to shift party culture across campus to decrease the drama and problems.

In November 2014, IFC’s two-week ban on hard alcohol in common areas of fraternity parties decreased all student-drinking hospital transports by 60%. After the initial two weeks, student leaders made the ban permanent and sustained a 50% reduction in transports for the remainder of the academic year.

In April 2015, the ASUC Senate passed a bill calling for standard alcohol risk management practices at parties of 50+ UC Berkeley students and affiliates at non-alcohol-licensed locations where alcohol is served or consumed. The bill was endorsed by Greek and BSC senators, IFC and PHC Presidents, GAMMA co-Presidents, the BSC Health Education Chair, and the Graduate Student Social Committee Chair. The four key practices are:

  1. Provide plentiful and easily accessible water
  2. Presence of enough sober hosts and trained alcohol servers who monitor and intervene for intoxication
  3. Eliminate service of hard alcohol (>20% ABV) in common areas
  4. Have security measures to keep attendance under the maximum occupancy for the location

What You Can Do

Take action - big or small. Support widespread awareness and adoption of the four key alcohol and party risk management practices.

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Party Safe @ Cal

#OurHouse Launch Event, October 2015

#OurHouse Launch Event, October 2015