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What is Times Up, Bears? 

UHS Health Workers launched the Times Up, Bears campaign in 2018 to help stimulate positive culture change and foster a campus environment free of sexual, dating, and domestic violence as well as sexual harassment and/or stalking.

How to talk to someone who sexually harassess others:

  • Decide - it might feel uncomfortable or awkward when you think of bring it up.  Talking Directly is the most effective action we can take and talking about it helps start the conversation an change.
  • Prepare - Look at the resources and get the support needed for ourselves. Check-in with the person who was targeted to make sure they are okay with you helping out.
  • Dialogue - Arrange to talk to the person who harassed others on private, allow enough time and bring resources.  Ask permission to discuss a concerning incident and briefly express what you've seen and its impact.
  • Share Resources - Offer and encourage them to use resources. Help them make calls or take the next step. Thank them for being open to listening.

Become familiar with campus resources

For more information, please contact Health Promotion

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Time's Up Bears - Stand Up To Sexual Harassment

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