Alcohol and Other Drugs Counseling

Social Services offers a range of alcohol and other drug-related services, supporting a spectrum of harm reduction goals for individuals and our campus community.

There is no charge to get started, and all registered students can access services regardless of their insurance plan.

Counseling appointments

Social Services offers confidential and non-judgmental counseling with alcohol and drug specialists. They are available to talk with you about your own use or that of a friend or family member. Make an appointment by calling (510) 642-6074.

Medical appointments

Call (510) 642-2000 to schedule an appointment with a clinician.


Confidential consultation/referral for individuals concerned about their ownor another'suse. Call (510) 642-6074 for an appointment. Phone consultations are available.

Support Groups

Social Services runs groups for students who are trying to reduce or cease their substance use. Some Social Services groups may have associated fees. Call Social Services at (510) 642-6074 for more information. See Groups and Workshops for current schedule.
Also see Community-Based Support Groups and Meetings for the schedule of 12-step meetings, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon (for friends and family), held on and around campus.

Mandated Services

Have you been required to attend a workshop or individual assessment? Before you call or come in to schedule, we will need the paperwork from the person who referred you. This can be faxed to (510) 643-0211 or emailed to: Once the paperwork has been sent, please call (510) 642-6074 to schedule with us. You will be charged a $30 administrative fee for either a workshop or assessment.

  • Workshops: Workshops are held every three to four weeks during the academic year, alternately on a Monday or Thursday from 4 - 6 pm. You will receive a secure message after the workshop verifying your attendance.
  • Individual: Students who are referred to meet with a counselor will have a 2-session assessment. Once this is completed, the student will be provided with documentation for the referring body to show that they have followed through. No other information is shared.

Training for Faculty/Staff

Training for staff that may be in a role to recognize students in trouble and how to refer appropriately are offered by Social Services on request. Call (510) 642-6074 to request a training.

All UHS Alcohol and Other Drug Strategies and Services

For more information, visit the health topics - AOD home page.