Cal Bears Say Hi

The CalBearsSayHi campaign invites us to slow down long enough to make contact, say “Hi” to other students and enhance your sense of belonging and community.

Social support is all-important to our health and success. Studies confirm what many of us know about the benefits of having friends you can confide in, laugh with, cry with and hang out with. Having campus friends and acquaintances translates to lowered stress levels, a heartier immune system, and an increased ability to concentrate and learn.

Interactive Events

We host innovative activities that facilitate social connection between students whose paths haven't crossed before, but who are open to meeting new people. Often, students walk away with several new acquaintances or even a new friend. Past events include:

  • Bear with Stress
  • Bear Your Soul
  • Free Ice Cream @ Evans Hall
  • Say Hi & Make New Friends

Get Connected! Conversation Tips:

  • Smile and consider taking the lead in the conversation. Ask questions that lead to answers other than "yes" or "no." Use the hints they give you to find a topic they might enjoy.
  • Be strategic about when to ask personal questions. In your eagerness to make friends, don't become an "interrogator" by firing out questions. Remember to do your share of sharing too!
  • Make it easy for someone new to join your conversation. If you see someone standing alone, invite them over and make space for that person to join the conversation.
  • Be kind and generous with your opinions and judgments. Even socially gifted people have off-days. A few minutes of patient listening and talking can help make the other person feel more comfortable.

Click on the card below for more conversation tips!

Cal Bears Say Hi Postcard graphic

The Blobs: A series of comic strips illustrating blobs as they learn to socialize and keep themselves connected.
(Developed by Grant Cheng in collaboration with UC Berkeley University Health Services)
Keep Yourself Updated blob comic          Discord? More Like Accord blob comic          It Takes 3 Words blob comic

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Cal Bears Say Hi photo from Bear Your Soul event

Cal Bears Say Hi photo from Say Hi & Make New Friends event