PartySafe: Healthy Pandemic Practice

Social distancing. Small group of people enjoying conversation at picnic with social distance in summer park. Leisure activity together in new normal, gatherings following safety protocols

Have Fun While Staying Safe

Use these tips to help get what you want socially (connection, belonging, fun, relaxation) without what you don’t want (illness for you or our most vulnerable, an outbreak in our community, a long delay in getting back to classes, and activities).


Celebrate by keeping drinking "social not slurred" to prevent illness or injuries that tax our limited medical personnel and resources.

Get Together

Get together with vaccinated & boosted friends; stay outside and enjoy the days getting longer.


Relax but don't forget the friends who are at greater risk of covid consequences if we take off our masks and let our guard down.


Connect but don't swap spit by sharing drinks/food or laughing right in each others' faces.

Stay Home When Sick

Always stay home if you are sick. Monitor symptoms and take a covid test if you are symptomatic or in close contact with others who test positive.


Rely only on trusted sources such as WHO, CDC, City of Berkeley, and UHS for ongoing information.

University Health Services (Tang Center)

City of Berkeley