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University Health Services (UHS) provide comprehensive medical, mental health, insurance, and health promotion services to all UC Berkeley students. We have over 200 nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, health educators, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, peer-to-peer student health workers, and more. We are here to help you be well so that you can do well at UC Berkeley!

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primary care office

All students can access UHS for any medical needs. The main building that UHS is housed in is called the Tang Center. We have primary care physicians, urgent care physicians, physical therapists, gynecologists, and specialists all in one place.

Learn about all that UHS has to offer by reading Guide to Getting Started at UHS

group of pharmacists posing with medication and supplies
  • All students have access to the UHS Pharmacy.
  • The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) also includes dental and vision.
  • At UHS, students can see optometrists, radiologists, and get lab work done.
hispanic female student talking with black female health coach

All students have access to FREE counseling and health coaching sessions.

dietitian and nutrition student at a food demo

UHS offers various outreach events throughout the year such as nutrition food demonstrations, pet hugs, blood drives, and much more.

How Do I Start Off On The Right Foot?

Tips on the Transition to College from our Counseling Staff

Starting Off on the Right Foot at Berkeley



What is the Tang Center? Is it the same thing as UHS?

Our department is University Health Services (UHS) and the main building we are located at (2222 Bancroft Way) is called the Tang Center. We have some satellite offices for counseling or nutrition drop-in and they are not located at the Tang Center but they are still a service from UHS. Everything at the Tang Center is part of UHS but UHS is more than the Tang Center.

If I don't have SHIP, can I still use UHS services?

Yes, all students can use the UHS services regardless of insurance. If you have SHIP, there is less paperwork for you because our team takes care of it. If you have other insurance, you can use our services and file for reimbursement with your own insurance.

Where are you located?

We are located at 2222 Bancroft Way (just across the Recreational Sports Facility, the gym for UC Berkeley students).