Pre-Participation Requirements for Student Athletes

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Congratulations on becoming a part of one of the finest collegiate athletic programs in the country!

For more information on the Cal Sports Medicine Program, please visit the Cal Sports Medicine Program page. For questions related to physical exams, email For any other questions, or to speak to someone via phone, please call Cal Sports Medicine Administration at (510) 642-4878 or email Note: Email is not considered a secure form of communication. 

Step 1: Before beginning this process, please read the following: 

Step 2: Review the following checklist and complete all tasks before your pre-participation physical exam: 

Failure to complete these in advance may mean a delay in starting practice/competition, so please read entirely and follow all necessary steps. All online eTang forms must be completed, and all other information must be sent in before your pre-participation physical via eTang upload, or to the following fax or address:

  • Upload to eTang (directions to upload)
  • Fax to (510) 643-0792, ATTN "Incoming Student Records" (download fax cover sheet here)
  • Or mail to: 
    Sports Medicine Program Administration
    University Health Services
    2222 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720-4300


  • Find the date of your Pre-Participation Physical on the schedule
  • Complete ALL ITEMS LISTED in the "Medical Clearance" tab (left-hand side of the page) including the Athletic Health History Form before your pre-participation physical by logging into the eTang portal. THIS INCLUDES ALL ITEMS IN BOTH THE "REQUIRED" AND "NOT REQUIRED" SECTIONS. If you're unable to access the Athletic Health History form, please email
  • Print the fax/packet cover sheet for a list of all materials to fax/mail or hand deliver to your physical exam.
  • Upload a copy of ANY/ALL insurance card(s)/plans you have (INCLUDING any primary, secondary, DENTAL, and/or VISION plans) to your eTang portal using these instructions for uploading your insurance card.
  • Complete the mandatory immunization requirements for all new incoming students and upload a copy of all vaccination record(s).
  • If you are a minor (under age 18), please see the directions to complete the self-sufficient minor questions on your eTang portal. Please note, that your answers to the questions should reflect your status upon starting school at Cal If you answer the questions and qualify as a self-sufficient minor, you can consent to your own care. If, after answering the questions on your eTang, you DO NOT qualify as a self-sufficient minor, you will need to print the form on the eTang portal for a parent/guardian signature to consent to your treatment and evaluation. This must be returned to the Sports Medicine Program BEFORE your pre-participation physical.
  • Read the information and requirements related to Sickle Cell Trait: Per new NCAA requirements, you/your student must satisfy one of the following options at the time of the pre-participation physical (PPE) to be medically cleared for athletics:
    • Provide results of a prior sickle cell test before or at the time of PPE
    • Take a blood test (called either Sickle Cell Solubility test or Sickle Cell Screen) and await the results BEFORE participating (may take several days to a week for results) 
  • Send copies of your health records to University Health Services. This should include records for your sickle cell trait test and any orthopedic or medical condition for which you were restricted from participation during your high school career. Please also include testing and records related to ADD/ADHD or learning disabilities. Please call (510) 642-4878 to inquire about which records you should provide.
  • If you are an HMO member, select a local physician to be your primary care provider. This will ensure that your health insurance can be used in our area, and may prevent delays in getting care. View a list of local Primary Care Physicians and instructions on how to change your HMO coverage to a local provider.  

Optional Forms

  • You may complete an online waiver application if you wish to waive enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). SHIP is not regulated or run by Cal Sports Medicine. Providing your insurance information to Sports Medicine will not waive you out of SHIP or affect your SHIP enrollment status. If you are interested in waiving SHIP, please see the Waiver Resources page.

  • For Walk On Tryouts, print and have your medical provider complete our Physical Exam Form (only necessary if participating in a try-out). 

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