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"The Healthy Holiday Challenge is a great opportunity to learn, support and encourage each other from across the campus in our healthy lifestyle goals and changes. It is comforting to see that there are other folks who are in similar mindsets as mine, have similar goals and struggles. I look forward to partaking in future healthy holiday challenges."

-2020 participant

Healthy Holiday ChallengeHealthy Holiday Challenge

Nov 6 - Dec 15, 2023 | 6-week online challenge

Give yourself the gift of healthier habits this year with the Healthy Holiday Challenge. This 6-week program supports you with small, healthy steps you build on each week and can keep going through the new year. Join us for a healthful, relaxing, balanced, and fun holiday season! 

This challenge includes:

  • Weekly Prizes - a variety of useful gift cards - with new winners each week!
  • Grand Prizes - TWO lucky winners will win a brand new Fitbit Versa 3!
  • Weekly Newsletters - including the weekly challenge + fun resources and recipes
  • Daily Wellness Postcards to keep you motivated and on track

Registration and Kickoff Event Information

NOTE: There will be NO REGISTRATION this year. If you receive our monthly Wellness Newsletter, you will automatically receive the Healthy Holiday Challenge materials. There will be an option to opt out of the HHC. If you do not receive our newsletters and would like to join the challenge, join our email list.

To learn more about the challenge, pick up prizes, and meet other challenge participants, sign up for our Healthy Holiday Challenge Kickoff event, which will be on November 1 from 12-1 pm at the Tang Center Class of '42!

Register here!

How the program works


Each Monday morning, you will receive a newsletter through email to help you stay on track. This will feature the weekly challenge with supporting tools and featured events. In addition, each Tuesday-Friday you will receive a daily email postcard with a wellness tip and fun inspiration.

It's up to you how you would like to participate to get the support and motivation you need from the program. You can do any of the following:
  • Read the newsletters for motivation and reminders.
  • Report your participation each week (to be eligible for the weekly prize drawing).
  • Write a HHC Pledge to motivate you throughout the challenge.
  • Track your progress on your Personal Success Tracker and keep it with you to help you stay on track.
  • Share tips you have found to be successful with fellow participants. Tips may be posted online or in the newsletter.

Weekly challenge:

  • There will be a new simple challenge each week. If you're ready to make the challenge more difficult, increase the duration or frequency. 

How to win prizes

Weekly Prize Drawing: we are giving away raffle prizes each week!

To be eligible, report your participation for the previous week by completing a quick survey in the Monday newsletters.

The deadline for reporting the previous week's participation will be Thursdays at 5 pm. Winners will be announced in Friday's daily wellness postcard. 

How to win the grand prize

To be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing, you must do both of the following:
  • Complete the program - Be sure to submit your participation each week!
  • Complete the program evaluation - Submit the online program evaluation. We will ask for your name but it will not be associated with your answers.


Hunger-Satiety Scale

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Managing Holiday Stress:


"Leave it to a wise university to know that healthy employees are better employees, who have more energy, more productivity, and more appreciation for an employer who also cares about their personal well-being."

"I regularly exercise but this program gave me the motivation to start involving my coworkers in my weekly exercise schedule - e.g. I've met people from other departments as we now go to a weekly circuits class together (enabled through the free 6 week trial offer). I've also gotten to know my coworkers better and in a different environment, and I've had FUN! My coworker and I are now meeting at the weekend to work-out. So, not only has this program been an incentive to maintain my activity levels, it's been great for helping me to find new friends!"

"This was a great way to close out the semester and make some small daily changes to help my overall wellness!" -Megan F.

"I love these challenges. So helpful to have reminders and know that even the smallest changes can make a difference."

"I love the Healthy Holiday Challenge because it encourages me to both set and achieve personal goals while also build community with my peers and colleagues who have similar goals." - Christine T.