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Energize to Be Well Weekly Resources

Week Resources Recipe
1) Pause to Be Well


51 Things to Do When You Need a Break at Work

To Stay on Schedule, Take a Break



The Thoughts Room

Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages

5-Ingredient Healthy Kale and Quinoa Bowl

5 ingredient healthy kale and quinoa bowl

2) Breathe to Be Well


How to Meditate


Breathing Exercises


Breathe Deep (iPhone)

Paced Breathing (Android)

Easy Tahini and Soba Noodle Salad

Tahini and soba noodle salad

3) Move to Be Well

Campus Resources
Berkeley Walks

7 Minute Workout
Resistance Band Exercises
Tips for Sitting and Standing
Move More
Mindful Stretching Guide (from Stretching for Energy Workshop)

Quiet Your Mind and Just Play in 20 Ways
Get Results from Micro-Walks

Instant Recess

7 Minute Workout

Freezer-Friendly Sweet Potato, Bean and Veggie Enchiladas

Sweet Potato, Bean and Veggie Enchiladas

4) Fuel to Be Well

Campus Resources
Cook Well Berkeley
Nutrition Programs

Healthy Snacks

Eating to Boost Energy 1
Eating to Boost Energy 2

2-Minute Mug Omelet

Two Minute Mug Omelet

5) Rest to Be Well

15 Sleep Remedies
Meet the Scientist Who Dreams of Fixing Your Sleep
The Surprising Extra Calories People Eat After Too Little Sleep

More Information
Insufficient sleep can cause problems beyond just feeling tired. Sleepy driving causes an estimated 100,000 car crashes each year. In addition, our bodies regulate our hunger hormones at night, so insufficient sleep can cause you to feel hungrier and more impulsive, making it harder to resist unhealthy choices. Finally, not surprisingly, poor sleep can cause irritability and forgetfulness - not ideal for having a nice day at work!

Buffalo Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

Buffalo Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

6) Excel to Be Well

UC Berkeley Thank You Cards

5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at Work 
92 Ways to Recognize Your Colleagues
Why Your Office Needs More Nature
How to Prevent Praising Coworkers from Backfiring on You
Picking Up Cues Indicating That Your Colleagues Need to Feel Appreciated

Online Resources
Huffington Post Meditation Page
One Big Thing (app)

5 Minute Journal

Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein

Spaghetti squash chow mein

Other Resources

Job Satisfaction and Productivity:

One Big Thing (Article and iPhone App)

Why Your Office Needs More Nature

Tips from Participants

Week 1 - Pause to Be Well:

  • It was so much fun to have teammates come by my desk to share a funny story or a joke around the time we all hit the mid-afternoon slump. It turned out to be my favorite part of the day! Thanks for sanctioning it!
  • Take a lap around the block if you can't manage a longer walk. It helps!
  • Set an alarm/reminder to take breaks, stretch, go for a walk – on your phone, bCal (and make it a bright color), etc. 
  • Create a login password that relates to your goal e.g. **NoSugar!!
  • I work with a lot of big Excel data sheets and it is hard to peel myself away from them and also hard to keep grinding through them. So I told myself I would take a break every 100 rows or every 150 rows.
  • I just found out that the reason I am tired all the time is because I have sleep apnea. If you have tried everything, and your lab tests show that you are healthy, please ask your doctor to check you for sleep apnea. It could be the reason for your fatigue.
  • On my morning drive to work, I play a favorite song and reflect on "what makes me smile"
  • Make sure you get outside and get some sunlight a couple times during the work day!
  • Keep visual reminders on your desk/in your office, in places where you'll see them, to help you remember to take a breath/pause throughout the day.
  • For my pause break, on a couple days I ran up/down the stairs in my building. That helped get the blood moving and increased my energy level.
  • When I got up to go to the restroom, I took the opportunity to step outside and take a brief walk around the courtyard to get some fresh air.
  • Take a walk around your Department and say hello to everyone. It brings good energy to your Unit and gives you that 5 min break that you need from your work day. 
  • I started meditating last week! It felt good to actively take a moment to check in with my body and see how I was doing.
  • A task management system, like the Pomodoro method, is helpful for me when I'm focusing on a project or simply working through emails.  The system helps me to stay focused but also with the knowledge that I'll have a break coming to keep me energized.
  • Downloaded the free Headspace app. It provides 10-min guided meditation sessions and also the ability to set helpful reminders.

Week 2 - Breathe to Be Well

  • This week I added a goal of doing one of the breathing exercises during my afternoon mini-break, a habit I established in the first week. It worked great. Not only did I get my breathing exercise done, but it also encouraged me to take that second break. I find myself always kind of "pushing" at 3pm. Gotta get that last big project done today. Gotta keep moving. So having a forced (short) break with a focus on recentering my body by breathing was terrific. I felt super energized returning to the work. I have no empirical evidence to support this, but it definitely felt like I got more done after the break than I would have if I had just "pushed through" as I used to do.
  • When I took the time to think about it, I realized that there were moments at work that I was taking short breaths, and that a simple deep breath in relieved a lot of tension.
  • When waiting for meetings or outside a restaurant, instead of pulling out my phone, I stood and breathed. It was very relaxing and grounding instead of distracting, which getting online can be.
  • Go outside and take some time to yourself to just be with yourself. Find a safe spot to sit and just take deep breaths for five minutes. You can opt to close your eyes for every few seconds to encourage your focus to yourself and your presence in the moment.
  • Printed out the breathing techniques handout and kept it at my desk.
  • I took the tips from last week's flyer and tried the 4-4-8 breathing techniques throughout the week! I specifically chose this one because of the stress reducing properties and clearing the mind, it seemed like a good fit for my day to day life. I started to do this technique at stop lights and while sitting at my desk at work.
  • On the drive in to work, I started every day with a breathing exercise; then, committed to an after lunch/mid afternoon exercise; just the presence of this helped my energy!
  • In my yoga classes I talk about the importance of yoga breathing. I sent this note to attendees as a follow up: "If you need a refresher on breathing, please watch this 4-minute introduction on the yoga breathing (Ujayyi or Ocean breathing)
  • Meditate every morning with insight time app
  • Be purposeful with your teammates and don't shy away from encouraging break time/stretch time - a little bit of peer pressure goes a long way to achieving your goal!
  • Take walk breaks with your co-workers! I find that others are definitely interested in walking, and it just takes the initiative to get a good routine going.
  • Last week, I tried have "Vegetarian Work Days". At home, my family demands their meat, but for breakfast and lunch, I have a lot of control. This helps reduced the amount of meat based meals I eat, without disrupting my home life.
  • Recommended apps: Stop, Breathe & Think; Breathe (iWatch)

Week 3: Move to Be Well

  • A good night's rest is always key! You'll be more likely to get moving during the day.
  • I took an activity break by asking a coworker to go for a walk with me around campus. Usually I would have zipped out for a cup of coffee but this was much more rewarding and I did not need the caffeine.
  • Exercise before work so nothing gets in your way during the day or after work.
  • Keeping my goals small and keeping an eye on the long game.
  • I take a 15 minute break around 10am and 2:30pm every day. During these breaks, I prioritize taking a walk around the neighborhood near my building. It feels great to stretch my legs, breathe fresh air, and get my blood pumping. I return to the office feeling invigorated and energized.
  • I recently got a bike and took a 6 mile bike ride
  • Start a 5 min yoga break tradition during the day with co-workers.
  • Took stairs every time. Danced in office during 10 minute breaks.
  • Enroll in WorkFit!

Week 4 - Fuel to Be Well

  • If I think I'm hungry, I always ask myself if I'm hungry enough to eat an apple or a piece of fruit. If the answer is no, then I'm not that hungry (though I love apples - but sometimes chips are more appealing).
  • I loved the hunger scale. It helped me better prepare with snacks and meal plan so that I never got HANGRY :)
  • Start the day with vegetables as a part of your breakfast. It's easier to keep a healthy diet throughout the day when I start right. When I start the day with a breakfast pastry, it always feels like I have to play catch up on getting my essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Upped my fruits and veggie intake for the week and it really helped me stay full and not indulge in too much Halloween candy!
  • Must be prepared. We had healthy snacks ready and available. The easier you make it, the better chance of following through.
  • Made large batch of oatmeal; brought to work to eat each morning.
  • Made sure that snacks included protein and a healthy fat to keep me feeling full
  • Meal prep my lunches on Sundays so I'm not tempted to eat out. Eating out during the week tends to be a less healthier option and larger portion.
  • Replaced starchy or carb snacks with nuts and fruits. Reduced my portions in my meals. Tried to do more smaller meals throughout the day instead of large one time meals.
  • I was travelling for part of the week, but I made sure to eat fruit, even though I was eating out most days. I also skipped eating part of the food on my plate, since portions are always too large.
  • Minimizing portions slowly gives me time to adjust. I actually started this process a while back before this challenge even started.
  • I found energy participating in non work related events at Berkeley. I went to a concert at the Greek and the football game Saturday.

Week 5 - Rest to Be Well

  • Start powering down (on any gadgets, except music) before planning to sleep and also dim lights if you have capacity to lower the lighting (especially if you fall asleep with the lights on like me)!
  • If you have trouble falling asleep at an earlier bed time, try incrementally pushing it back. For example if you typically go to bed at midnight but want to get to bed by 10pm, try 11:45pm the first day,11:30pm the second day, 11:15pm the third day, and so on.
  • Drink some non caffeinated herbal tea to ease you into an comfortable bedtime routine.
  • I tried to not look at screens at least an hour before bedtime to help me fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.
  • I found that setting an alarm to remind me when to go to bed has been very helpful!
  • I keep lavender essential oil on my night stand. I dab a drop on my wrist and neck before going to bed each night. It helps to relax me and calm my mind making it easier for me to fall and stay asleep.
  • When I woke up in the middle of the night, counting backward from 100 actually worked to put me back to sleep!
  • Keep a consistent bedtime (1030 for me! except for the night of the election), No tv in my room, no caffeine
  • Took the time to recharge and just relax without overplanning my free time.
  • Find things I am passionate about to energize myself. Also make great conversations with people who are positive and optimistic.
  • We were open an honest about how we were feeling in the office following the election, and it was helpful to understand everyone's emotional state before jumping in to more day-to-day work.

Week 6 - Excel to Be Well

  • This was my favorite challenge! I ordered more of the thank you post cards and gave them to all of my team members in the challenge. I plan to give a card every week to the rest of our staff. I love being able to make someone feel appreciated. It not only makes them feel validated, it makes you feel better that you just made someones day with such a simple gesture.
  • Journal throughout the week of things you are proud of. Practice loving kindness. Write a note of affirmation for a colleague or friend once a week.
  • Check in with colleagues. When folks are not having great days/weeks, plan something small but sweet for them.
  • SELF CARE IS KEY! And mental health is as equally important as physical health. What I did for myself this week, was to reward myself for every essay, or bit of homework that I finished before I came in for my day at work. These rewards include a quick 30 minute nap, low fat frozen yogurt with some fruit and jam, and also a little bit of chocolate! This week I set to focus my attention on myself, and care for my body! I went to the gym about 4 days a week, something I haven't done in a very long time and I also rewarded myself by setting time aside to read a book. Overall, I was VERY happy with this week's results and the conclusion of the program.
  • I use an app called "5 Minute Journal" which is a convenient way for me to center my gratitude and mindset.
  • Smiles are contagious! Greet with a smile even if you do not feel at your best and usually it will set a more pleasant tone for a conversation.
  • If you have a kind thought of gratitude, share it immediately with that person!
  • Luckily, I was already volunteered to help out at the UVA Turkey Run and the UVA Kraken Con trip, where we escorted children of under represented students to a local comic convention. While they were both physically exhausting, they were both emotionally uplifting. I'm glad to have been able to help!
  • As holiday season approaches-it required a lot of (positive) energy. I'm suggesting to plan ahead with ones purchases to avoid frustration of long lines at the counter and to begin enjoying the season.

Team Success Stories

Week 1 - Pause to Be Well

  • Team Stat met twice a day for stretching exercises; We shared a different exercise each day
  • Team Recruiting took advantage of last week's goal and planned a number of "coffee walks" to get us outside and moving! It was great to be able to step away from our desks, meet up with colleagues and enjoy sharing some sunshine while we walked to a nearby coffee shop.
  • Reading everyone's tips in our team tracker has been helpful motivation for me!
  • After sitting through conducting interviews for a few hours, my coworker and I got unsweetened, herbal ice teas and went for a walk around campus as we debriefed the interviews and refreshed for the remainder of the day.
  • Took chatting breaks every so often and walked up and down the hall while we were doing it. This week we are going to walk up and down the stairs!
  • When we were feeling low energy this week, instead of going for caffeine or sugar, we met with our teammate and shared a funny story and took a little walk around the building.
  • Our team scheduled our IT support person to download the Ergo CtrlWORK Stretch Breaks onto all our computers.

Week 2: Breathe to Be Well

  • Haste Street CDC met in the conference room for 10 minutes of breathing exercise togetther.
  • Team STAT would get together to encourage each other to breath and stretch multiple times a day. Minimum twice! Each team member came up with a new exercise all the time.
  • Last week we had a 45 minute walking meeting in which we checked in with our core team - we are experiencing some staff transitions so it is important not to drop any pieces. We walked on the "nature walk" provided by the BearWalks Walking Routes sign.
  • Our team sent out bCal invitaitions to go on a 30-minute walk this Thursday. We also created a shared Google spreadsheet to daily track whether or not each of us paused for wellness last week.
  • I was really down the last couple of days because I had just gotten out of 2 very long midterms! When i came to work however, my coworkers welcomed me with open arms and we took a nice stroll along fourth street, either doing some window shopping or stopping at the Pasta shop for some food samples. Overall, I got time to breathe in fresh air, and really calm my nerves down thanks to the help of my coworkers! :)

  • My team is awesome! I've been sick lately, so it's been hard to find motivation, but my team has been great at helping me find it! We typically walk together to lunch, which is nice to get moving, and helpful to have everyone there at lunch so we can hold each other accountable for what we are choosing to eat!

  • Last Monday twelve I-House staff members did a yoga at lunch. I led them in a 40 minute practice focused on hip openers, followed by a five-minute meditation. We did yoga breathing throughout the class. It totally fit the theme last week!
  • We established a Slack channel to communicate and encourage each other throughout the week.

Week 3: Move to be Well

  • We did planks and chair triceps dips in the conference room together before our team meeting.
  • We kicked a ball around outside (when it wasn't raining/wet).
  • A few of us went to a yoga class during lunch last Thursday! It was so nice to get up from the desk and stretch!
  • We keep in contact about doing the activities--telling each other we've been active, etc.

Week 4 - Fuel to Be Well

  • The XtraSpeedy2 team joined the walking group led by Anita Liboff, and walked around campus. The weather was great, and it was really nice to be in the fresh air. It really helped us remain energized for the rest of the day, especially for our meetings and deadlines.
  • Our team made a fresh healthy water each day... cucumber, mint, lemon
  • Food/snack preparation tips by team members (on spreadsheet)!
  • We checked in with each other regularly.

Week 5 - Rest to Be Well

  • We gather each Monday at lunchtime for a yoga class and brief meditation. Last week's theme focused on the benefits of heart openers and how they can improve posture, reverse the effects of hunching forward. I led the class and 9 staff members attended.

Week 6 - Excel to Be Well

  • We did the idea for the Joy board. Support for each other during and outside of work, humor, and snacks were things that brought us joy. :-)
  • We gave each other compliments!!! It was great!
  • Joined the Thnx4 Challenge and "challenged" coworker to do a nice thing a day!