Faculty/Staff Wellness

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Wellness-Related Policies and Guidelines

Ergonomic Guidelines

  • Computer Health and Safety Guidelinesfor all faculty and staff using a computer four hours or more a day.
  • Ergonomics Program provides workshops, consultation and coordination of the campus network of departmental computer workstation evaluators to help fit jobs to people.

Food and Beverage Choices Policy

  • The Food and Beverage Choices Policy became effective January 1, 2019. This policy establishes nutrition standards for retail foodservice and markets, vending machines, Athletic concessions, dining commons, and University-sponsored meetings and events to ensure accessibility of whole and fresh foods, provide healthier alternatives to sugar-sweetened beverages, and engage positive communications promoting healthier choices.
  • To find food and beverage vendors in compliance with the Food & Beverage Choices Policy, visit Eat Well Berkeley.

Healthy Meetings & Events Guidelines

  • Healthy Meetings and Events provides guidelines and resources to help campus event planners and staff tasked with organizing meetings to contribute to a healthy campus culture.  
  • UC Berkeley Healthy Meeting & Event Guide packages the recommendations into an easy to use tool for providing healthy food and beverage choices and tips for effective meetings by integrating activity breaks into the agenda.

Tobacco-Free Policy 

  • Berkeley’s Tobacco-Free Policy became effective January 1, 2014, meaning the use of tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or unregulated nicotine products (i.e. “e-cigarettes”) is strictly prohibited in indoor and outdoor spaces owned or leased by UC Berkeley. In addition, the sale and advertising of tobacco products on UC Berkeley owned or leased property is not permitted.
  • See Smoking Cessation Resources for help with quitting and tips for managing smoking urges while on campus.
  • See Tobacco-Free webpagefor additional resources, including the tobacco-free campus map.

Lactation Accommodation Policy 

California employers are required to make reasonable efforts to provide private space and break time for lactation purposes for nursing mothers.

  • Breastfeeding Support Program assists the University with implementation of UC policy providing lactation rooms on campus with multi-user breast pumps, Personal Hygienikits for sale at cost, and breastfeeding classes.
  • UC Policy: Accommodation for Nursing Mothers 
  • UC Berkeley Policy 84: Breastfeeding Implementation Procedures.

Flextime Guidelines

UC Berkeley offers a wide array of work arrangements. These include telecommuting, flexible start/end times, and compressed workweeks. For many people, even a small amount of flexibility can make a tremendous difference in successfully harmonizing responsibilities at work and at home.

Statement in Support of Work-Life Integration

The University of California is committed to the ongoing development of principles, institutional resources, and a workplace culture supportive of personal and family responsibilities. In aspiring to achieve such a workplace culture, the University will foster work-life integration and support work-life strategies that promote civility, citizenship, and community. Read the letter.