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Resources for Department Ergo Navigators

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Cal OSHA Ergonomics Standard See Cal OSHA Ergonomics Standard
Campus Guidelines See Campus Health & Safety Guidelines for Computer Users
CUE contract language on computer ergonomics See CUE Contract Article 8
Ergonomic Products See recommended product list. See also Tips on Ordering Ergonomic Equipment
Ergonomic Showroom Call 1-877-722-9090 toll free for an appointment to try out adjustable chairs, tables, and keyboard trays prior to purchase.
Evaluator job duties See Department Computer Workstation Evaluator Suggested Job Duties
Evaluator Resources
Resources for Computer Users See Ergonomics for Computer Users
Workshops See Health and Safety Training for Computer Users
Workstation Assessment Form See Computer Workstation Assessment Form
Workstation Design Guidelines See Computer Workstation Design Guidelines

Suggested Job Duties for Department Workstation Evaluators

Berkeley's network of department computer workstation evaluators is the first line of defense against computer-related repetitive strain injuries on campus. Ergonomics, the campus ergonomics program for faculty and staff, trains and coordinates the campus network of department computer workstation evaluators. Each campus department with faculty or staff who use a computer four hours or more a day is responsible for assigning a departmental computer workstation evaluator.

Campus departments often assign their Department Safety Coordinator, members of their Department Safety Committee with a particular interest in computer ergonomics, or computer resource staff to the role of computer workstation evaluator. Large departments may choose to have more than one evaluator. Departmental Human Resource Managers, purchasing assistants, and budget managers may also play an important role in the department's computer health and safety team.

The following job description has been developed to help campus departments understand and appropriately assign the responsibilities of computer workstation evaluator(s). The language is designed to be included in job descriptions, a practice that will help clarify expectations for both departmental computer workstation evaluators and their supervisors. Departments are free to modify these suggested job duties to fit departmental needs while ensuring compliance with campus ergonomic guidelines, labor contracts, and applicable regulations.

Computer Workstation Evaluator Job Duties

Coordinate, implement, and document department's health and safety program for computer users, including:

  • Evaluate departmental computer workstations in accordance with campus Workstation Design Guidelines for all faculty and staff who use a computer 4 hours or more a day. Meet timelines specified by labor contracts, if applicable.
  • Recommend modifications, as needed, to bring workstations into compliance with campus Workstation Design Guidelines.
  • Document evaluations, recommendations, and actions taken and ensure documentation is maintained with departmental injury and illness prevention program records.
  • Assist supervisors, as needed, in implementing recommendations.
  • Coordinate computer health and safety training for department and ensure training records are maintained with departmental injury and illness prevention program records.
  • Consult with and make referrals to supervisors, campus or departmental support services, and ergonomic equipment vendors as appropriate, including Ergonomics, Occupational Health Clinic, and UC Furniture.


  • Computer workstation evaluation skills and knowledge of campus support services acquired through participation in 4-hour Computer Workstation Evaluator Training and periodic Evaluator Updates
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills; ability to communicate effectively with departmental faculty, staff, supervisors, and managers
  • Practical problem-solving skills, flexibility, and ability to exercise sound judgment in development of effective, cost-effective solutions