Faculty/Staff Ergonomics

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Managers and Supervisors

Promoting an Ergonomic Workplace

Learn about ergonomic risk factors for jobs in your department and ways to minimize these risks.

  • Make ergonomics training available for staff and encourage employee input in ergonomic problem solving.
  • Designate a computer workstation evaluator for your department and support his or her efforts by providing time to perform evaluations and resources to implement recommended modifications.
  • Contact the campus Ergonomics Specialist for a worksite assessment of non-computer jobs involving ergonomic risk factors.
  • Provide ergonomic workstation furniture and job tools.
  • Promote frequent, short rest breaks and alternative work activities for staff performing highly repetitive tasks.
  • Encourage staff to report symptoms early.
  • Send injured employees for medical treatment, report injuries promptly, and implement work restrictions and workplace modifications.
  • Seek assistance on ergonomic issues from campus resources when necessary.

Questions? Please email ergonomics@berkeley.edu.