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Ergonomics Workshops & Classes


  1. Click on the "date" or “enroll” hyperlink to the UCB Learning Center.

  2. Enter your CalNet Passphrase.

  3. Click "Submit."

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Log into the UC Learning Center(link is external), and type the exact workshop title or class code (in parentheses) into the search bar and select register. Ergonomic course codes begin with BEUHS414.

Computer Ergonomics 101

Spring 2024 Semester Schedule:

Wed 1/10, Tue 3/5, Wed 4/10, Wed 5/8, Wed 6/5 10-11am PT

Registration Links (click date):

1/10 Workshop

3/5 Workshop

4/10 Workshop

5/8 Workshop

6/5 Workshop

In Person: Tang Center - Class of '42 Room

Instructor: Greg Ryan, Campus Ergonomist, Be Well at Work-Ergonomics

Learn how to set up a user-friendly ergonomic workstation and incorporate wellness activities to help relieve computer-related aches and pains. This workshop is an in-person alternative to the online RSS Computer Ergonomics self-assessment and training module that can be used to qualify for Ergo Matching Funds.

 RSS Computer Ergonomics Online Module

Important Notice: New RSS Computer Ergonomics Self-Assessment & Training Module

UCOP is retiring the Computer Health Matters online ergonomics training module as of 7/14/23.

In its place is the new RSS Computer Ergonomics module, which like the former, is accessible 24/7 from a computer. The new module is housed and accessed on the Risk & Safety Solutions platform instead of the UC Learning Center (Note: Access via the UC Learning Center is coming TBD as a planned updated from RSS).

RSS Computer Ergonomics is an online solution that provides insights into how an employee’s workstation should fit and meet their postural needs.

The self-assessment helps identify ergonomic risks at a computer workstation that can cause injuries. An improper work area setup and improper equipment or use of it can result in the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

This module is important to complete as it:

1) helps fulfill ergonomic training requirements

2) serves as a self-evaluation tool that provides immediate guidance and feedback to help you make changes to achieve a more ergonomic workstation, and

3) grants eligibility to UC Berkeley faculty and staff for Be Well at Work - Ergonomics’ Ergo Matching Funds program that can assist you and your department in offsetting costs for ergonomic equipment.

To access RSS Computer Ergonomics:

  1. Click the hyperlink or copy and paste into your browser: https://app.riskandsafety.com/

  2. Log in with your campus sign-on credentials.

  3. Click on “Computer Ergonomic Self-Assessment” from the upper right hand corner of the landing page.

More detailed user guides regarding access and use of the RSS Computer Ergonomics module can be found in this video or PDF document

For assistance if you have issues such as accessing the training, please contact Risk & Safety Solutions via their online ticketing system

Ergo Product Procurement

Spring 2024 Schedule:

Wed 2/28, Wed 5/15 | 11am-12pm 

Registration Links (click date):

2/28 Workshop

5/15 Workshop

Hybrid: Zoom & Tang Center - Class of '42 Room

Instructor: Greg Ryan & Nathaniel Chung, Campus Ergonomists, Be Well at Work-Ergonomics

Learn about the updates to the Ergo Matching Funds program and process, changes to the pre-approved ergo product catalog, and guidance on using campus resources to prevent and address ergonomic-related injuries.

Ergo Mobility

Spring 2024 Schedule:

Wed 2/14, Wed 4/17 | 10-11am 

Registration Links (click date):

2/14 Workshop

4/17 Workshop

In Person: Tang Center - Class of '42 Room

Instructor: Greg Ryan & Nathaniel Chung, Campus Ergonomists, Be Well at Work-Ergonomics

Learn ways to maintain and improve your mobility throughout the workday. Covers good ergonomic body mechanics practices, posture, and learn about useful stretching and strengthening exercises. Wear comfortable clothing.

Ergonomics for Managers and Supervisors

Spring 2024 Schedule:

Wed 1/17, Wed 3/27 | 11am-12pm

Registration Links (click date):

1/17 Workshop

3/27 Workshop

Zoom Workshop (link will be provided prior to workshop)

Instructor: Greg Ryan & Nathaniel Chung, Campus Ergonomists, Be Well at Work-Ergonomics

Learn how to support an ergonomic and safe working environment for your unit. The Ergonomics Matching Funds Program will be covered and how to utilize campus resources and planning to effectively and efficiently to prevent and reduce ergonomic risks.

Ergo Navigator Training

Spring 2024 Schedule:

Wed 1/31, Wed 5/22 | 10 am – 12pm

Registration Links (click date):

1/31 Workshop

5/22 Workshop

Hybrid: Zoom & Tang Center - Class of 42' Room

Instructors: Greg Ryan & Nathaniel Chung, Campus Ergonomists, Be Well at Work-Ergonomics

Learn the basics of how to be an Ergo Navigator (formerly called Ergo Evaluators) at UC Berkeley. The Be Well at Work - Ergonomics process and Ergo Matching Funds Program will be covered in addition to using campus resources effectively. You will learn about performing preventative ergo assessments through evaluating and modifying computer workstations according to campus ergonomic guidelines in this practical, hands-on workshop.

Back Safety: Smart Body Management Online Training (BEEHS_UCLOL0047-190627)

UC Back Safety (Smart Body Management) online training

Link access via the UC Learning Center

Topics include: Mechanism of back injury, power posture(s), rules for sitting safely, principles of safe work technique (lifting, pushing/pulling, & transferring), and identifying safe & unsafe work technique.